Packages Disclaimer

Bottom line - packages on the community repository are not supported in any way and organizations using Chocolatey for production needs should not use the community repository.

The packages contained at (the community repository) are collectively known as the Community Feed or Community Repository. Packages found on the community repository may not be supported by the original software vendor. If you have an issue with a package, contact the package maintainers through the community repository package page, Do not contact the software vendor directly. It bears repeating, DO NOT contact the software vendor directly.

If your use of Chocolatey is for an organization/business, you likely have a low tolerance for production breakages and/or low trust for the greater internet. You likely would not want to give control of your infrastructure over to community members and volunteers. You should probably not use the packages on the community repository. Please keep reading to understand why.

Due to software distribution rights, many of the packages contained on the community repository must download actual software from official distribution points, thus creating a dependency on those internet locations not changing (and from time to time they do, thus breaking a package until it is updated). This introduces a failure point for the community repository that is not found with internal packages. When hosting your own internal packages you would not be subject to software distribution rights, so you could embed the software directly in the package or pull from an internal share location, thus guaranteeing a reliable and repeatable software management process.

The packages you find on the community repository are completely unsupported. By using the packages on the community repository, you assume all risk for any issues or damages that may occur. The packages found in the community repository are built, moderated, and maintained by the community. While the packages are moderated by community moderators to help ensure safety and reliability (at the time of moderation), package maintainers and moderators assume no support nor liability for the packages. Neither package moderators nor package maintainers will be held liable for any issues, downtime, or damages that may occur from your use of the packages on the community feed. It is also not the responsibility of the package maintainers and/or package moderators to ensure that the package works in all scenarios. They are volunteers and thus are unable to support you and/or your business needs.

Support is not guaranteed by package maintainers, but should you encounter issues, please work directly with the maintainers to get the package(s) corrected. Do NOT contact the software vendor directly.

Transferring a package to another repository (even internal) with or without changes does not change the support level by the maintainers of Chocolatey, by the moderators nor maintainers, and not by RealDimensions Software, LLC.

For folks in the community that are not using Chocolatey for production purposes, with an understanding of the disclaimers set forth here, it is fine to use the community repository. For organizations that have a low tolerance for breakages and require a higher level of reliability, security, trust, and control, a self-hosted Chocolatey server is the recommended option. This guarantees that your installs, upgrades, and uninstalls will always work every time. This gives you complete control over what software gets installed. Also because you are vetting newer versions, you control when those newer versions are available for upgrade. Please see Host Your Own Server for more information.