Chocolatey Release Notes - Chocolatey Central Management


This covers the release notes for the Chocolatey Central Management (chocolatey-management-database, chocolatey-management-service, and chocolatey-management-web) packages, which covers Central Management server-side functionality. For more information, installation options, etc, please refer to Chocolatey Central Management.

NOTE: This package is available to Chocolatey for Business (C4B) customers only.

Other Release Notes

Known Issues

0.1.0 (May 22, 2019)

Initial preview release


  • Reports - Ability to view and generate report (Excel/PDF) for all currently outdated software
  • Dashboard - Provide a dashboard screen with key KPI values
  • Overview - Show number of machines checking into CCM and compare to number currently licensed


  • Fix - Packaging - Before upgrading Web Package ensure that dotnet process isn't running
  • Fix - Web Site - Ensure that minified versions of all assets are used
  • Fix - Web Site - Ensure consistent Date/Time Formatting used everywhere
  • Fix - Web Site - Corrected duplicate display of search input box on some screens
  • Fix - Web Site - Error when attempting to sort by any column in table on Computer Details screen
  • Fix - Web Site - Erorr when attempting to sort by Name or Package Title column in table on Software screen
  • Fix - Web Site - Tab does not sort by oudated first on Software screen
  • Fix - Web Site - Timezone modification doesn't provide useful information to user
  • Fix - Web Site - Only show Software that is installed on at least one machine
  • Fix - Web Site - Excel Export generates errors when DateTime values are included
  • Fix - Versioning - Ensure correct version number is stamped on all generated assemblies
  • Fix - Service - Correct usage of default port number, which should be 24020
  • Fix - Service - New-SelfSignedCertificate usage doesn't work on earlier PowerShell versions
  • Fix - Service - Ensure correct error handling for incorrect/missing SQL Server credentials
  • Fix - Database - Ensure SQL Server 2008 support
  • Fix - Database - Migrator doesn't exit with non-zero exit code when there is an error
  • Fix - Installation - Ensure usage of FQDN for all components


  • Logging - Provided better logging during Service Certificate installation
  • Installation - Verify and usage persisted appsettings.json file during upgrade
  • Installation - Reduce issues unpacking web package by shortening paths in packaging
  • Uninstallation - Remove modifications that were done as part of installation
  • Database - Don't attempt to seed database tables everytime application starts
  • Packaging - Removed unneccessary files from package, making it much smaller
  • Packaging - Added requied dependencies to packages
  • Packaging - Add information about available installation parameters to package description
  • Service - Allow modification of configuration settings without the need to restart Windows Service

0.1.0-beta-20181009 (October 9, 2018)


  • [Security] Installation - Provide encryption for all persisted configuration data
  • [Security] Installation - Sign all PowerShell Scripts and assemblies shipped as part of release
  • [Security] Web Site - Provide full RBAC to site and API
  • Audit - Provide ability to list all computers that are currently in use across environment
  • Audit - Provide ability to list all software that is currently installed across environment
  • Reports - Ability to view and generate report (Excel/PDF) for all currently installed software
  • Reports - Ability to view and generate report (Excel/PDF) for all computers currently in use