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Folder Size FREEWARE will analyze your hard drives and display the file and folder sizes so that you can easily check the distribution of your disk space. The application will display the sizes of the folders and files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be sorted in order to identify the largest folders and the largest files. You can easily figure out which files or folders have filled up your drive space as Folder Size will also scan the sizes of all the subfolders. The application can scan your entire hard drive in minutes due to its optimized scan algorithms and list details on the tree size. The progressive scan will let you continue the scan from the point of interruption.
Besides scanning an entire hard drive Folder Size can also scan a single folder in order to save time.

To install Folder Size, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install folder_size

To upgrade Folder Size, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade folder_size


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MindGems 2012


Release Notes

Added: Mixed "Largest files and folders" report
Added: Option not to list files in order to save memory on large volumes of more than 100 TB
Added: Increased memory limit to 4GB on x64 OS and 3GB on x86 systems. Read here how to enable 4GT on x86 systems:
Added: Selected files and folders count in status bar
Fixed: File name trimming issue when saving file names containing dots
Fixed: Print dialog - "Limit printing to one page horizontally" button action fixed in operating systems newer than Windows Vista
Fixed: Removed "There is no default printer currently selected" message on systems without printer.

Added: Export details view in CSV format
Added: Print Preview
Added: Print - Export to PDF
Added: Print - Export to multi-page TIFF
Added: Print - Page and margins setup
Added: Print - Export to EMF
Added: Print - Rearrange print order
Added: Print - Remove pages from print job
Added: Option to export Owner information
Added: Option to disable "Scan with Folder Size" context menu during installation
Fixed: Refresh issue when mixing details view and folder tree navigation
Fixed: Crash after removing a node from largest folders list

Added: Largest Files Report
Added: Largest Folders Report
Added: Scan multiple folders on Drag and Drop (Only in Professional version)
Added: Scan multiple folders using the -scan command line option. The list of folders is delimited with semicolon. E.g. -scan C:\Folder1;"C:\Folders With Spaces" (Only in Professional version)
Added: Multiple search masks in filter
Added: Total size of selected items in status bar
Added: ESC - clear selection in files list
Fixed: Some applications were opened in hidden mode on double click. Issue reported on Win7 x64
Fixed: Corrected navigation button states after New and Load.

Version (See also :
Added: Reduced project save/load time and size
Added: Extremely optimized memory consumption during scan
Added: Extremely optimized memory consumption for XML and CSV export (close to zero)
Added: Extremely optimized export speed for XML and CSV
Added: File New, File Open, File Save toolbar buttons
Added: Option to hide the download buttons from the toolbar

Version (Internal Release) :
Added: Option to include or exclude the file information in the export
Added: Option to specify the maximum depth level for the export operation
Added: Option to export drive or network share size information
Added: -exp "File Path\Name.xml;File Path1\Name.fsp" - Export command line parameter. Depending on the file extension will export the corresponding file type. Multiple formats can be exported at once by separating the paths with semicolons.
Added: -s - Silent command line parameter. The application window will not be displayed and the application will exit after the operations are complete
Fixed: Refresh issue when mixing folder-tree and chart navigation
Fixed: Missing network machine dates are now exported as NA
Fixed: Issue when loading projects with network paths

Added: Filter (only in Personal and Professional versions)
Added: Save/Load scan results (only in Personal and Professional versions)
Added: Export to XML and CSV (only in Professional versions)
Added: Print (only in Personal and Professional versions)
Added: Directory attribute in attributes column marked with "D"
Added: Some columns are formatted to the right for easier reading - file size, folder size, file count etc.
Added: 5 to 50 times faster scan speed
Fixed: Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut was not working in files list
Fixed: Removed zero size files and folders from chart in order to prevent overlapping
Fixed: Folder Size will install for all users. By default Folder Size was installed for the current user and trying to use it with a different user caused errors
Fixed: Some small GUI improvements

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Folder Size 415 Saturday, February 25, 2012  

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