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Okta PowerShell Module

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This package was approved as a trusted package on 5/20/2019.

This package allows you to build on Okta's identity platform using PowerShell.

To install Okta PowerShell Module, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install okta.core.automation

To upgrade Okta PowerShell Module, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade okta.core.automation


  • Okta.Core.Automation.psd1 Show
    # Module manifest for module 'Okta.Core.Automation'
    # Generated by: Okta
    # Generated on: 05/18/2016
    # Script module or binary module file associated with this manifest
    ModuleToProcess = '.\bin\Okta.Core.Automation.dll'
    # Version number of this module.
    ModuleVersion = ''
    # ID used to uniquely identify this module
    GUID = 'f6ca9728-563d-4cbc-874e-118b8387b0c2'
    # Author of this module
    Author = 'Okta'
    # Company or vendor of this module
    CompanyName = 'Okta'
    # Copyright statement for this module
    Copyright = '(c) 2016 Okta'
    # Description of the functionality provided by this module
    Description = 'Manage Okta with PowerShell'
    # Minimum version of the Windows PowerShell engine required by this module
    PowerShellVersion = ''
    # Name of the Windows PowerShell host required by this module
    PowerShellHostName = ''
    # Minimum version of the Windows PowerShell host required by this module
    PowerShellHostVersion = ''
    # Minimum version of the .NET Framework required by this module
    DotNetFrameworkVersion = '4.0'
    # Minimum version of the common language runtime (CLR) required by this module
    CLRVersion = ''
    # Processor architecture (None, X86, Amd64, IA64) required by this module
    ProcessorArchitecture = ''
    # Modules that must be imported into the global environment prior to importing this module
    RequiredModules = @()
    # Assemblies that must be loaded prior to importing this module
    RequiredAssemblies = @()
    # Script files (.ps1) that are run in the caller's environment prior to importing this module
    ScriptsToProcess = @()
    # Type files (.ps1xml) to be loaded when importing this module
    TypesToProcess = @()
    # Format files (.ps1xml) to be loaded when importing this module
    FormatsToProcess = @()
    # Modules to import as nested modules of the module specified in ModuleToProcess
    NestedModules = @()
    # Functions to export from this module
    FunctionsToExport = '*'
    # Cmdlets to export from this module
    CmdletsToExport = '*'
    # Variables to export from this module
    VariablesToExport = '*'
    # Aliases to export from this module
    AliasesToExport = '*'
    # List of all modules packaged with this module
    ModuleList = @()
    # List of all files packaged with this module
    FileList = @(".\bin\Okta.Core.Automation.dll")
    # Private data to pass to the module specified in ModuleToProcess
    PrivateData = ''
  • bin\System.Threading.Tasks.dll Show
    md5: 85F6F590B5C4B8C7253E9C403C9BE607 | sha1: D5A9DB942A50C8821BACD7F6030202C57EC4708B | sha256: D20552FD5C8C8C9759608A84DB1E216DA738F5E9F46DE9E8A3F39A0D6265CB8B | sha512: 9C78CB444E28618D44E9DEB23571FC7BBCE268882C2803E0CCC0E84B3E6EAB89C6AF2AAC0D81EF0D2C9FD1E9611CB35334EF3304FB16C5BA0481F6A7273C3660
  • bin\System.Runtime.dll Show
    md5: 8E4E0EA396B5452BED54E6888CB07CA1 | sha1: 1A7AFCDD7F118B3EF8F1D9761FA71FAEEE16FD2C | sha256: DFEAB83E6A9555A6C18070C611D868E117FA2FEF6F815DA26E622FEB2E610254 | sha512: E160570F598D5FDD637725A70595A7DDC247C20AED66C031FF9816142231C8EA58C69FEF7F5EB8E10120E5E5AD68ECECB1B584054832464046209C9E04CC1AAE
  • bin\System.Net.Http.WebRequest.dll Show
    md5: 1925E1654510EE0914FF3360C6C94765 | sha1: A032C1456DC199189310EF4DF533BCEEB6C41A92 | sha256: 6E599D81A2B8D803CA794C25111FEA54C34356C4ED853B926C9AB42A4B0D6454 | sha512: 1995A5F16AAA62D23D69022B613362B7CF952059CC9C4FBDDFCBE0905B94B02599DD4B5A784344A2B541457EC255B8F38BACCB7919F04F323D35B59B2E10D0D1
  • bin\System.Net.Http.Primitives.dll Show
    md5: 018841345CFBF45EDA4CD1ADB74FD68B | sha1: F9928EF8B78F7CF2D3EB3EC68D28F36C89FFF3DA | sha256: ACF0E0555AFED095CF12F719A3CD0E745435CED2575840A46A40EC61ED632265 | sha512: 7DD159DC1D64E49A9106C2F04A46643C9AAFB83FC017D4F98F63B63D6317FC4AB370FAFB63BB512BFB6B4EC7EF2B2E6B362BB7F035A23DD1046D6DC2499EA5FF
  • bin\System.Net.Http.Extensions.dll Show
    md5: 7F86A47ACD4D810AD673AF81369F2F26 | sha1: CEA8DA1478F2DEE41ED2ECD2059B73D1C161734E | sha256: 9C8B87E9A950DEB7F28752F875EA82F1B55A70996AC8C12073FCEA33664B2048 | sha512: 372A61489665BD37C552C383FAFF971FDB2D581D45664A37E5D58DBD894B26B5CC8403800A559F489BB4FA47F088E6E06553ECA65EFB16AB9867E5A80A0A7AA9
  • bin\System.Net.Http.dll Show
    md5: 3002E884C5C15A15B68EAEF3C62FF254 | sha1: D7E053AC51F562B92FD4032AD769ADEA7255230C | sha256: 3E71EB02AE8D01CB8159CC5F9FF3FF1976AEC5872298ED45310B58F18708EAC0 | sha512: 0789FB15F8E062AC2AF6785A240B9B7D482B5F179FDB2E6B5EF9F841092C1A631B27F3DB7738163F73CB609D8F5918FE2BB166731107061ECE21C7A18A2A3989
  • bin\System.IO.dll Show
    md5: D552DE7D39179B914DB7CC2DBDD005C2 | sha1: 044329C6C335224BA05A4E398A5FCB204F13AC36 | sha256: 24BD076D31DC9D363EB2ADB8B27A7D45D9F975AEEC565132D27901537E31F239 | sha512: B82CBD6C4B3D378FBA1793858C556EA1FDAA405905686CE219F192D16041E79AA063145C6D469AA7C15AA945D3EF344618FA0996D6611282A8718DD0DE77D64D
  • bin\Okta.Core.dll Show
    md5: 823A703E732BA7E61C1EB627C49630AE | sha1: E9C87BA82F9757BFBC869CFF6BFCA38D02C5A2BE | sha256: 3F3ACDC39BBEC2C7A5F0DB3CBD0EA0ABAB3F7ADB5674ACD59E6901502A0961EA | sha512: 1EC92FC24D5D4933AA337D6510AF8835710E35F373620C386D4F271C1A39D54AB01D498F43502131195B4272834220D411781FA898592B9A57A3AA5BCD0A504A
  • bin\Okta.Core.Automation.dll Show
    md5: 86D8F5A0BE180AE7CC06F1A4FF104430 | sha1: 03591D0344CB9A475EF5BEAECB623C2D7C464452 | sha256: 5D03636796EF87E6F74BEB550163F0D046478D60422B0D653FA484C0A10D1C29 | sha512: D88E41F1556936B3A5D5C97F7B5033D45FD561993D159413C78B4A787430B61DE801FB0F4EF66BD32B687BCEFD65641A30CEC188FD048D8E492BA94BFB48F6A7
  • bin\Newtonsoft.Json.dll Show
    md5: 3C4C624FA0BBA66874F3D6BF26C35E91 | sha1: E89DDC8862BCC546348A1D810B435C871E4110E8 | sha256: 63D89D15ACC45255F096C38EABB9F9F6D357307D1BA543B95D0E0D4F789F2303 | sha512: A4BA7496E1E92845BBB0A2FFF0673671E29447944DDB3FE5D3FF6E4AD0B5C39062F8B13A3BE3FF5BDAA5AEBE81D1F84F32446952ABC87F86CF3CBEE760848B64
  • ChocolateyUninstall.ps1 Show
    $packageName = 'Okta.Core.Automation'
    $folder = "$($Home)\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\$($packageName)"
    Remove-Item "$($folder)" -recurse -force
  • ChocolateyInstall.ps1 Show
    # install Okta.Core.Automation -source '%cd%'
    $packageName = 'Okta.Core.Automation'
    $folder = "$($Home)\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\$($packageName)"
    $scriptPath = split-path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition
    Set-Location $scriptPath
    function Unblock-File {
        [cmdletbinding(DefaultParameterSetName="ByName", SupportsShouldProcess=$True)]
        param (
            [parameter(Mandatory=$true, ParameterSetName="ByName", Position=0)] [string] $FilePath,
            [parameter(Mandatory=$true, ParameterSetName="ByInput", ValueFromPipeline=$true)] $InputObject
        begin {
            Add-Type -Namespace Win32 -Name PInvoke -MemberDefinition @"
            [DllImport("kernel32", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, SetLastError = true)]
            [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Bool)]
            private static extern bool DeleteFile(string name);
            public static int Win32DeleteFile(string filePath) {
                bool is_gone = DeleteFile(filePath); return Marshal.GetLastWin32Error();}
            [DllImport("kernel32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
            static extern int GetFileAttributes(string lpFileName);
            public static bool Win32FileExists(string filePath) {return GetFileAttributes(filePath) != -1;}
        process {
            switch ($PSCmdlet.ParameterSetName) {
                'ByName'  {$input_paths = Resolve-Path -Path $FilePath | ? {[IO.File]::Exists($_.Path)} | Select -Exp Path}
                'ByInput' {if ($InputObject -is [System.IO.FileInfo]) {$input_paths = $InputObject.FullName}}
            $input_paths | % {     
                if ([Win32.PInvoke]::Win32FileExists($_ + ':Zone.Identifier')) {
                    if ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess($_)) {
                        $result_code = [Win32.PInvoke]::Win32DeleteFile($_ + ':Zone.Identifier')
                        if ([Win32.PInvoke]::Win32FileExists($_ + ':Zone.Identifier')) {
                            Write-Error ("Failed to unblock '{0}' the Win32 return code is '{1}'." -f $_, $result_code)
    	# Copy all the files to the Modules location
    	if(!(Test-Path -Path "$($folder)")) {
    		New-Item -ItemType directory -Path "$($folder)"
    	# Copy the psd1
    	Copy-Item .\Okta.Core.Automation.psd1 "$($folder)"
    	# Copy all the dlls
    	if(!(Test-Path -Path "$($folder)\bin")) {
    		New-Item -ItemType directory -Path "$($folder)\bin"
    	Copy-Item .\bin\* "$($folder)\bin"
    	# Unblock all the dlls
    	#Get-ChildItem "$($folder)\bin" | Unblock-File

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Package Maintainer(s)

Software Author(s)

  • okta


©2016 Okta, Inc


Release Notes

Beta release - Use in production environments is possible, though not recommended. This library is subject to substantial change and is currently compatible with Okta.Core.Client v0.2.9 or later

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated Status
Okta PowerShell Module 280 Monday, October 10, 2016 approved
Okta PowerShell Module 201 Thursday, October 6, 2016 approved
Okta PowerShell Module 249 Monday, September 12, 2016 approved
Okta PowerShell Module 741 Wednesday, December 10, 2014 approved

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