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This is a prerelease version of Invantive(R) Data Hub.

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Requires dotnet4.7 and a reboot

This package was rejected on 31 Mar 2020. The reviewer Pauby has listed the following reason(s):

Invantive (maintainer) on 27 Mar 2020 10:19:26 +00:00:

User 'Invantive' (maintainer) submitted package.

chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 27 Mar 2020 10:52:28 +00:00:

invantive-data-hub has failed automated validation.


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  • Something went very wrong. There is no package to validate. Please repush package. If you receive this message again, contact the site admins.

Pauby (reviewer) on 31 Mar 2020 13:58:05 +00:00:

This package version has not uploaded correctly. When you are ready to push this package version again can you go to the package page and click 'Contact Site Admins' and mark if for attention of 'pauby', and I will unreject your package? Once I've done that and you push your version again, can you let me know and I will check it is uploaded correctly.

In the meantime I will reject this package (so that the systems don't keep trying to download it).

Many thanks for your help and apologies.

Status Change - Changed status of package from 'exempted' to 'rejected'.


Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many database and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as Exact Online or Salesforce. It provides a headless mode which makes it ideal for use in server environments and scheduled uploads and downloads in lights-out operations.

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop';

$packageName= 'invantive-data-hub'

$packageArgs = @{
  packageName = $packageName
  fileType = 'MSI'
  url = ''
  url64bit = ''
  softwareName = 'Invantive Data Hub'
  checksum = '170C733063004000FBD5DE50836CF48B03C22024C7B1F7FB398740E9CAA817EF'
  checksumType = 'sha256'
  checksum64 = '170C733063004000FBD5DE50836CF48B03C22024C7B1F7FB398740E9CAA817EF'
  checksumType64 = 'sha256'
  silentArgs = "/qn /norestart /l*v `"$env:Temp\invantive-data-hub-17.33.340-msi-install.log`""
  validExitCodes = @(0, 3010, 1641)

Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs

No results available for this package. We are building up results for older packages over time so expect to see results. If this is a new package, it should have results within a day or two.

Version Downloads Last Updated Status
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.20-BETA 10 Saturday, May 2, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.28 12 Friday, May 22, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.27 10 Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.25 13 Monday, May 11, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.24 16 Friday, May 8, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.23 14 Thursday, May 7, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.22 17 Sunday, May 3, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.21 11 Sunday, May 3, 2020 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.20 12 Sunday, May 3, 2020 Approved

Included components:

  • Invantive.Producer.Windows 17.33.340-BETA

Version 17.33.322-BETA, released 2020-03-08.

Bug fixes:

  • Differentiate progress messages between SQL and PSQL.
  • Improve clarity of message itgendhb086.

Version 17.33.274-BETA, released 2020-02-03.

Bug fixes:

  • Avoid superfluous question when last statement in batch fails in interactive mode.

Version 17.33.270-BETA, released 2020-01-16.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix exit code being reset from non-zero to 0 when a nested SQL script is executed after an error occurred during 'on error continue' mode.

Version 17.33.251-BETA, released 2019-12-17.

Bug fixes:

  • Log time in UTC.

Version 17.33.224-BETA, released 2019-12-04.

Bug fixes:

  • Return exit code also from files started from @ or @@.

Version 17.33.173-BETA, released 2019-10-17.


  • Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.

Version 17.33.47-BETA, released 2019-06-19.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix NullReference when pressing CTRL-D on Mac during entry or CTRL-Z on MS-DOS.

Version 17.33.36-BETA, released 2019-06-16.


  • Add Mac OSX support.

Version 17.31.85-BETA, released 2019-05-10.


  • Upgrade components.
  • Avoid NullReferenceException on Debian 8.
  • Data Hub: Add license key command line argument.
  • Print final error to console for console apps when the exit code is not equal to 0.
  • Upgrade to 4.7.2.
  • Replace Mac version of Data Hub by .net core version.
  • Add .NET Core version of Invantive Data Hub.

Bug fixes:

  • Correctly load license key from command line [ITGEN-4011].
  • Avoid waiting for manual entry when the program is running non-interactive and early on a license error occurs.
  • Fix System.Runtime not found exception [ITGEN-3857].
  • Can't connect to SQL Server or PostgreSQL due to missing references [ITGEN-3767].

Version 17.29.51-BETA, released 2018-12-29.


  • Add verbose command line argument.
  • Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].

Bug fixes:

  • Correct reversed logic of logoverwrite command line parameter [ITGEN-3540].

Version 17.28.1, released 2018-10-22.


  • Print log on progress when running headless.
  • Improve clarity of error message itgendhb077.
  • Set provider attributes and variables through command line.
  • Memorize and use multiple credentials per data container alias.
  • Enable use of logon settings.
  • Set data container credentials.
  • Save credentials new logon dialog.
  • Add use of encrypted Invantive Script variable values [SECURITY].
  • Add new log file name parameter Windows host name, user name and domain name.
  • Update documentation.
  • Explain command line arguments.
  • Add support for date/time masks in log file name.
  • Add @@ to load script from folder from which last script was loaded.

Bug fixes:

  • Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.
  • Return exit code unequal to 0 when an error occurs in 'on error continue' mode.
  • Reduce memory consumption [ITGEN-2582].

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