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13 Aug 2016

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Java Platform (JDK) | Updated: 13 Aug 2016



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Java Platform (JDK)

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This package was approved by moderator ferventcoder on 18 Aug 2016.

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Java Development Kit. Includes a complete JRE plus tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications.

$script_path = $(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)

$common = $(Join-Path $script_path "common.ps1")
. $common

#    $params = "$env:chocolateyPackageParameters" # -params '"x64=false;path=c:\\java\\jdk"'
#    $params = (ConvertFrom-StringData $params.Replace(";", "`n")) 

if (checkIfInstalled)
    Write-Host "JDK $java_version already installed."

# Download JDK file and store locally
$arch = get-arch
$jdk_file = download-jdk
$java_home = get-java-home
$checksum = get-checksum
$checksumType = 'sha256';

# Install JDK
Write-Host "Installing JDK $jdk_version($arch) to $java_home"
Install-ChocolateyInstallPackage $package 'exe' "/s" $jdk_file -ChecksumType "$checksumType" -Checksum "$checksum"          
Write-Host "Completed Installing JDK $jdk_version($arch) to $java_home"

# Add java bin folder to Path
$java_bin = get-java-bin
Write-Host "Adding $java_bin to the Path"    
Install-ChocolateyPath $java_bin 'Machine' 
Write-Host "Completed Adding $java_bin to the Path"	

# Add CLASSPATH environment variable if it doesn't exist
if ([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('CLASSPATH','Machine') -eq $null) {
    Write-Host "Adding CLASSPATH Environment Variable"    
    Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'CLASSPATH' '.;' 'Machine'
    Write-Host "Completed Adding CLASSPATH Environment Variable"    

# Add JAVA_HOME environment variable if it doesn't exist

if ([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('JAVA_HOME','Machine') -eq $null) {
    Write-Host "Adding JAVA_HOME Environment Variable"    
    Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'JAVA_HOME' $java_home 'Machine'
    Write-Host "Completed Adding JAVA_HOME Environment Variable"    

$script_path = $(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)
$common = $(Join-Path $script_path "common.ps1")
. $common

# Function to remove a value from the Machine Environment Variable path value
function Uninstall-ChocolateyPath {
  [string] $pathToUninstall,
  [System.EnvironmentVariableTarget] $pathType = [System.EnvironmentVariableTarget]::User
  Write-Debug "Running 'Uninstall-ChocolateyPath' with pathToUninstall:`'$pathToUninstall`'";
  #get the PATH variable
  $envPath = $env:PATH
  if ($envPath.ToLower().Contains($pathToUninstall.ToLower()))
    Write-Host "Starting PATH environment variable update to remove $pathToUninstall"
    $actualPath = [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('Path', $pathType)

    $statementTerminator = ";"
    $actualPath = (($actualPath -split $statementTerminator) -ne $pathToUninstall) -join $statementTerminator

    if ($pathType -eq [System.EnvironmentVariableTarget]::Machine) {
      $psArgs = "[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('Path',`'$actualPath`', `'$pathType`')"
      Start-ChocolateyProcessAsAdmin "$psArgs"
    } else {
      [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('Path', $actualPath, $pathType)
    $env:Path = $actualPath
	Write-Host "Completed PATH environment variable update to remove $pathToUninstall"

# Helper function to figure out the GUID to use with msiexec to uninstall JDK and JRE versions that are installed for this package
# The GUID changes depending on if OS is x64 or i386
function Uninstall-JDK-And-JRE {
    $use64bit = use64bit
    if ($use64bit) {
        # HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{64A3A4F4-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0170720}
        $jdk = " /qn /x {64A3A4F4-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0" + $uninstall_id + "0}"       
        # HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F06417072FF}
        $jre = " /qn /x {26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F064" + $uninstall_id + "FF}"   
    } else {
        $jdk = " /qn /x {32A3A4F4-B792-11D6-A78A-00B0D0" + $uninstall_id + "0}"
        $jre = " /qn /x {26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F832" + $uninstall_id + "FF}"   
     Write-Host "Uninstalling JDK"
     Start-ChocolateyProcessAsAdmin $jdk 'msiexec'
     Write-Host "Completed Uninstalling JDK"
     Write-Host "Uninstalling JRE"
     Start-ChocolateyProcessAsAdmin $jre 'msiexec'
     Write-Host "Completed Uninstalling JRE"

# Uninstall JRE and JDK

# Remove java-bin from the Environment path
$java_bin = get-java-bin  
Uninstall-ChocolateyPath $java_bin 'Machine'

# If CLASSPATH environment variable exist, make it null
if ([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('CLASSPATH','Machine') -eq '.;') {
  Write-Host "Uninstalled Machine Environment Variable 'CLASSPATH'"
  Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'CLASSPATH' $null 'Machine'

# If JAVA_HOME environment variable equal to this version of the JDK, make it null
if ([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('JAVA_HOME','Machine') -eq "$java_home") {
  Write-Host "Making Machine Environment Variable 'JAVA_HOME' blank"
  Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'JAVA_HOME' $null 'Machine'
  Write-Host "Completed Making Machine Environment Variable 'JAVA_HOME' blank"
$package = 'jdk7'
$build = '15'
$jdk_version = '7u79' 
$java_version = "1.7.0_79"
$uninstall_id = "17079" 
$checksumX64  = '80B1452C808691DC63945926C52156C8AFE7EBCFA3747093FD296F0A3F1CFBCC'
$checksumX32 = '658643EF2775E015449409B844AF4FDB087F51921B61E5DD02DAC62A43C956F2'
$checksumType = 'sha256'

# Check if OS is 32 bit or 64 Bit
function use64bit() {
    $is64bitOS = (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem).SystemType -match '(x64)'
    return $is64bitOS

# Check if a file exist or not
function has_file($filename) {
    return Test-Path $filename

# Get the Program Files Directory
function get-programfilesdir() {
    $programFiles = (Get-Item "Env:ProgramFiles").Value

    return $programFiles

# Check if JDK Version is already installed or not
function checkIfInstalled()
    $jdkPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Development Kit"

    if (Test-Path -Path $jdkPath)
        $installedJdkVersion = dir $jdkPath | select -expa pschildname -Last 1
		Write-Debug "Installed JDK Version: $installedJdkVersion"
		$isInstalled = $installedJdkVersion -eq  $java_version	
		Write-Debug "Jdk IsInstalled: $isInstalled"
		return $isinstalled
	Write-Debug "Jdk Is Not Installed"
	return $false    

# Helper function to properly download a given JDK version from Oracle
# Key for this to work is to set the Header Cookie Information
# Will only if it doesn't already exist on the local system
function download-from-oracle($url, $output_filename) {
    if (-not (has_file($output_fileName))) {
        Write-Host  "Downloading JDK from $url"

        [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback = { $true }
        $client = New-Object Net.WebClient
        $client.Proxy = [System.Net.WebRequest]::DefaultWebProxy
        $client.Headers.Add('Cookie', 'gpw_e24=; oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie')
        $client.DownloadFile($url, $output_filename)
        [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback = $null 
        Write-Host  "Completed Downloading JDK from $url"

# Download the JDK version that we need.
function download-jdk() {
    $filename = "jdk-$jdk_version-windows-$arch.exe"
    $url = "$jdk_version-b$build/$filename"
    $output_filename = Join-Path $script_path $filename
    download-from-oracle $url $output_filename
    return $output_filename

# Figure out where the JAVA_HOME directory is
function get-java-home() {
    $program_files = get-programfilesdir
    return Join-Path $program_files "Java\jdk$java_version"

# Figure out where the JAVA_HOME bin directory is
function get-java-bin() {
    $java_home = get-java-home
    return Join-Path $java_home 'bin'

# Helper function to figure out the architecture for the oracle download.  
# Either x64 or i586
function get-arch() {
    if(use64bit) {
        return "x64"
    } else {
        return "i586"

function get-checksum() {
    if (use64bit) {
        return $checksumX64
    } else {
        return $checksumX32

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