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Neko is a lightweight and yet well optimized virtual machine. The VM can be easily embedded into any application and your libraries can be accessed using the C foreign function interface.

To install Neko, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install neko

To upgrade Neko, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade neko


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    # Neko Virtual Machine
    ## Snapshot Builds
    ### Windows
    Compiled binaries can be found in the "artifacts" tab of each [AppVeyor build](
    ### Mac
    Neko snapshot of the latest master branch can be built using [homebrew]( in a single command: `brew install neko --HEAD`. It will install required dependencies, build, and install Neko to the system. The binaries can be found at `brew --prefix neko`.
    Use `brew reinstall neko --HEAD` to upgrade in the future.
    ### Linux
    Ubuntu users can use the [Haxe Foundation snapshots PPA]( to install a Neko package built from the latest master branch. To do so, run the commands as follows:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:haxe/snapshots -y
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install neko -y
    Users of other Linux/FreeBSD distributions should build Neko from source. See below for additional instructions.
    ## Build instruction
    Neko can be built using CMake (version 3.x is recommended) and one of the C compilers listed as follows:
     * Windows: Visual Studio 2010 / 2013 / 2015 / 2017 
     * Mac: XCode (with its "Command line tools")
     * Linux: gcc (can be obtained by installing the "build-essential" Debian/Ubuntu package)
    Neko needs to link with various third-party libraries, which are summarized as follows:
    | library / tool                          | OS          | Debian/Ubuntu package                                     |
    | Boehm GC                                | all         | libgc-dev                                                 |
    | OpenSSL                                 | all         | libssl-dev                                                |
    | PCRE                                    | all         | libpcre3-dev                                              |
    | zlib                                    | all         | zlib1g-dev                                                |
    | Apache 2.2 / 2.4, with apr and apr-util | all         | apache2-dev                                               |
    | MariaDB / MySQL (Connector/C)           | all         | libmariadb-client-lgpl-dev-compat (or libmysqlclient-dev) |
    | SQLite                                  | all         | libsqlite3-dev                                            |
    | mbed TLS                                | all         | libmbedtls-dev                                            |
    | GTK+2                                   | Linux       | libgtk2.0-dev                                             |
    On Windows, CMake will automatically download and build the libraries in the build folder during the build process. However, you need to install [Perl]( manually because OpenSSL needs it for configuration. On Mac/Linux, you should install the libraries manually to your system before building Neko, or use the `STATIC_DEPS` CMake option, which will be explained in [CMake options](#cmake-options).
    ### Building on Mac/Linux
    # make a build directory, and change to it
    mkdir build
    cd build
    # run cmake
    cmake ..
    # let's build, the outputs can be located in the "bin" directory
    # install it if you want
    # default installation prefix is /usr/local
    make install
    ### Building on Windows
    Below is the instructions of building Neko in a Visual Studio command prompt.
    You may use the CMake GUI and Visual Studio to build it instead.
    # make a build directory, and change to it
    mkdir build
    cd build
    # run cmake specifying the visual studio version you need 
    # Visual Studio 12 2013, Visual Studio 14 2015, Visual Studio 15 2017
    # you can additionally specify platform via -A switch (x86, x64)
    cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 2013" ..
    # let's build, the outputs can be located in the "bin" directory
    msbuild ALL_BUILD.vcxproj /p:Configuration=Release
    # install it if you want
    # default installation location is C:\HaxeToolkit\neko
    msbuild INSTALL.vcxproj /p:Configuration=Release
    ### CMake options
    A number of options can be used to customize the build. They can be specified in the CMake GUI, or passed to `cmake` in command line as follows:
    cmake "-Doption=value" ..
    #### NDLLs
    Settings that allow to exclude libraries and their dependencies from the build; available on all platforms. By default all are `ON`:
    - `WITH_REGEXP` - Build Perl-compatible regex support
    - `WITH_UI` - Build GTK-2 UI support
    - `WITH_SSL` - Build SSL support
    - `WITH_MYSQL` - Build MySQL support
    - `WITH_SQLITE` - Build Sqlite support
    - `WITH_APACHE` - Build Apache modules
    #### `STATIC_DEPS`
    Default value: `all` for Windows, `none` otherwise
    It defines the dependencies that should be linked statically. Can be `all`, `none`, or a list of library names (e.g. `BoehmGC;Zlib;OpenSSL;MariaDBConnector;PCRE;Sqlite3;APR;APRutil;Apache;MbedTLS`).
    CMake will automatically download and build the specified dependencies into the build folder. If a library is not present in this list, it should be installed manually, and it will be linked dynamically.
    All third-party libraries, except GTK+2 (Linux), can be linked statically. We do not support statically linking GTK+2 due to the difficulty of building it and its own dependencies.
    #### `RELOCATABLE`
    Available on Mac/Linux. Default value: `ON`
    Set RPATH to `$ORIGIN` (Linux) / `@executable_path` (Mac). It allows the resulting Neko VM executable to locate libraries (e.g. "libneko" and ndll files) in its local directory, such that the libraries need not be installed to "/usr/lib" or "/usr/local/lib".
    Default `OFF`.
    Disable Neko JIT. By default, Neko JIT will be enabled for platforms it supports. Setting this to `ON` disable JIT for all platforms.
    #### `NEKO_JIT_DEBUG`
    Default `OFF`.
    Debug Neko JIT.
    #### `RUN_LDCONFIG`
    Available on Linux. Default value: `ON`
    Whether to run `ldconfig` automatically after `make install`. It is for refreshing the shared library cache such that "libneko" can be located correctly by the Neko VM.
  • regexp.ndll
  • sqlite.ndll
  • ssl.ndll
  • std.ndll
  • ui.ndll
    Packager (Andy Li) is a member of the Haxe Foundation.
    The files included in this package are extracted from the Windows binary archive available at
  • zlib.ndll
  • nekotools.exe Show
    md5: 6DA98C076FA57398D714B20A71A10722 | sha1: 8B12F9EB0B9CBBD224259DDA61C682D34FE294C9 | sha256: 598791A977E9DAF520E33E675456A32C741236D13B50D26D4F172C3A93075D42 | sha512: 17CB61C75566E24FE0D9ADCACF60028CE203572C32D95E5C35356A4566D9CAAC274F3D2F2E1AC79B944EE013AEC4ADBB365AAA716FB5984DF3050273C53D377C
  • nekoml.std
  • nekoml.exe Show
    md5: B8A1EF7D57778E42F5AD583635995436 | sha1: E35033827DCA60DB96B5DB4399D5103AC09C5E04 | sha256: E999C564764BECB602BB5D9534A902C117642D663E1691F2618343B9F26A91D0 | sha512: 3ADDE7F09D316DE128C87B3BE0173661772CE4119947E423614228A42706E7D3DDBAA61E0C3A92412CA01F0B7B2389EEEAB4A191BA28AAEAAC42031303DA8597
  • nekoc.exe Show
    md5: 60A055790D787BD9F7B19CCF7638A74F | sha1: 3F281570644610EEACDD8AEBBE6555575E002990 | sha256: 3F3302A335D6AFE557A84E4A7DDA41872A8294C014B60B1B2154E4873C8BC566 | sha512: 56F9D97E121757F39BD73BFD5C74AB705BB25EB5E5E3247301785C5FD5E9C69C84DAEFDFCD6565C501B96C97B2528DB1A26547BC1A4ECFA520244FE8F92BA5A6
  • neko.lib
  • neko.exe Show
    md5: EBA7D1C71C905609F8382A2E173B6667 | sha1: 58140F26D53C3FB969825EF19C16E428445C6A08 | sha256: E81BC61F1E4BF440052EEAFB75D08FF03145F27DD135BAC59AD87E7C9DD548D4 | sha512: 64CA20AC1439F86F229C150AE8E66B204874A0A3DD37FFBFE9FE8FA71800D75FD8745675CD1CBA37DC383C8AEAE4F7EC9FA889CE7E446B2CD8D28EF6A5421691
  • neko.dll Show
    md5: 83C64B7778569A6CC4213BC04090B5FD | sha1: AB473304DF2BA030E1AB940E8424B6FA8E58BBB9 | sha256: 06A50C1C65F671FA0A710893150BA4075A3354F2EF4308C4AB350BD005088CAD | sha512: 8402D4EBD1D6F25870894384F641532EA5905DCABE72E668DA54C59FE88F363EDEA1489162DCF52559A61F7EDBB64F47206E0521DC406B7FC6F62096E804A1A2
  • mysql5.ndll
  • mysql.ndll
  • mod_tora2.ndll
  • mod_neko2.ndll
  • include\neko_vm.h
  • include\neko_mod.h
  • include\neko_elf.h
  • include\neko.h
  • gcmt-dll.dll Show
    md5: E5DA902C53944489340E9D1E3A02AE94 | sha1: 9B20B75EF27C0BB5763FCC47C9DB1A81BF2DCCA4 | sha256: 832E3B36E543E92AE4E3F6F501BE220DC5E650DF86ABEACCC2ADDA0B7119AA98 | sha512: 267EC97F519D5BF98F82A596CB26A82D3E665D36C436576536EA6A243FCC1E43FB48646C3BADAAF0DD631EEAA8A66A352C9FB4899D4D2488E44340FC34BF5285
  • CMake\NekoTargets.cmake
  • CMake\NekoTargets-release.cmake
  • CMake\NekoConfigVersion.cmake
  • CMake\NekoConfig.cmake
  • chocolateyUninstall.ps1 Show
    $scriptPath = (Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)
    # Remove the dll files from C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin
    $chocoBin = Join-Path $env:ChocolateyInstall 'bin'
    $dllFiles = @('gcmt-dll.dll', 'neko.dll')
    foreach ($file in $dllFiles) {
        $dllFile = Join-Path $chocoBin $file
        del "$dllFile"
    Uninstall-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable -VariableName NEKOPATH
  • chocolateyInstall.ps1 Show
    $scriptPath = (Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)
    # Install the dll files to C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\bin
    # It is because they are loaded by other neko binaries, e.g. haxelib.exe
    $chocoBin = Join-Path $env:ChocolateyInstall 'bin'
    $dllFiles = @('gcmt-dll.dll', 'neko.dll')
    foreach ($file in $dllFiles) {
        $dllFile = Join-Path $scriptPath $file
        copy "$dllFile" "$chocoBin"
    # Set NEKOPATH such that the ndll files can be loaded.
    Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable -VariableName NEKOPATH -VariableValue $scriptPath

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