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Ortep-3 for Windows is a MS-Windows version of the current release of ORTEP-III (1.0.3), which incorporates a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to make production of thermal ellipsoid plots much easier.


Ortep-3 for Windows is provided free of charge for academic, scientific, educational and non-commercial users, provided its use is acknowledged. A license is required and may be requested. If you do not yet have a license file, this package will still install, but Ortep3 will not start.

Helper programs

Ortep can call other programs. These are not dependencies. This package will pre-set for Ortep-3 the paths for these programs. It will use the default install paths for the following applications (whether they are installed or not), but the paths (and programs) can be changed with parameters (see below):

Package Parameters

The following package parameters can be set:

  • /installDir:<path>

    The default location for Ortep3 is C:\Ortep3. This package by default will install to a more standard, "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Ortep3", but the directory can be customized.

    • /LicensePath:<path>

    If you have a license file, "ORTEP3-License.txt", you can place it in "C:\Temp" (default) and this package will copy it to the proper location. Adjust the location with this parameter. The path can be a file path or URL.

    • /editor:<path> - Assign a text editor helper program other than Notepad.
    • /povray:<path> - Assign an alternate path for POV-ray.
    • /gsview:<path> - Assign an alternate path for GhostScript View or another PS file viewer.
    • /graphics:<path> - Assign a graphics viewer helper program other than IrfanView (for example, XnView).
    • /hpgl:<path> - Assign an alternate path for HP-GL View or another HP-GL file viewer.

These parameters can be passed to the installer with the use of -params.
For example :
-params '"/LicensePath: /editor:""C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe"""'.
(note: the double-double quotes around the path are only needed if it contains spaces)


Ortep-3 for Windows has the following facilities and features.

To install Ortep3, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install ortep3

To upgrade Ortep3, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade ortep3


  • tools\chocolateyInstall.ps1 Show
    $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'  # stop on all errors
    $packageName  = 'ortep3'
    $toolsDir     = Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition
    $DownloadUrl  = ''
    $tempDir = Join-Path $env:TEMP $packageName
    if (![System.IO.Directory]::Exists($tempDir)) {
    $ZipPath = Join-Path $tempDir $DownloadURL.split('/')[-1]
    # Download zip
    Get-ChocolateyWebFile $packageName $ZipPath $DownloadURL
    # Extract zip
    Get-ChocolateyUnzip $ZipPath $tempDir
    $InstallArgs = @{
       packageName   = $packageName
       fileType      = 'exe'
       validExitCodes= @(0)
       url = (Join-Path $tempDir 'setup.exe')
    $UserArguments = @{}
    # Parse the packageParameters using good old regular expression
    if ($env:chocolateyPackageParameters) {
        $match_pattern = "\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+)):(?<value>([`"'])?([a-zA-Z0-9- _\\:\.]+)([`"'])?)|\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+))"
        $option_name = 'option'
        $value_name = 'value'
        if ($env:chocolateyPackageParameters -match $match_pattern ){
            $results = $env:chocolateyPackageParameters | Select-String $match_pattern -AllMatches
            $results.matches | % {
            Throw 'Package Parameters were found but were invalid (REGEX Failure)'
    } else {
        Write-Debug 'No Package Parameters Passed in'
    if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('InstallDir')) {
       Write-Host 'You requested a custom install directory.'
       $InstallDir = $UserArguments.InstallDir
    } else {
       $InstallDir = Join-Path ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)} 'Ortep3'
    $InstallArgs.silentArgs += ' /DIR="' + $InstallDir + '"'
    # Execute installer
    Install-ChocolateyPackage @InstallArgs
    # Create a settings/license file home
    $settingsPath = Join-Path $env:ProgramData 'Ortep3'
    if (-not (test-path $settingsPath)) {
       New-Item $settingsPath -ItemType Directory
    if (Test-Path $settingsPath) {
       Remove-Item "$settingsPath\*" -Recurse
       $Acl = get-acl $settingsPath
       $InheritanceFlag = [System.Security.AccessControl.InheritanceFlags]::ContainerInherit -bor [System.Security.AccessControl.InheritanceFlags]::ObjectInherit
       $PropagationFlag = [System.Security.AccessControl.PropagationFlags]::InheritOnly
       $rule = New-Object'Authenticated Users','Modify',$InheritanceFlag,$PropagationFlag,'Allow')
       set-acl $settingsPath $Acl
       # Create environment variable pointing to the license/ini file locations
       Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'ORTEP3DIR' $settingsPath 'Machine'
       # Look for a license file
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('LicensePath')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a license file path.'
          $LicensePath = $UserArguments.LicensePath
       } else {
          $LicensePath = 'C:\Temp\ORTEP3-License.txt'
       $LicenseArgs = @{
          packageName  = 'Ortep3License'
          fileFullPath = (Join-Path $settingsPath 'ORTEP3-License.txt')
          url          = ([System.Uri]$LicensePath).AbsoluteUri
       if (([System.Uri]$LicensePath).Scheme -eq 'file' -and 
           (-not (Test-Path ([System.Uri]$LicensePath).LocalPath))) {
             $msg = "***No license found at $LicensePath.***`n" + 
                   "***You will need to manually copy an 'ORTEP3-License.txt' file to the " + 
                   "'$settingsPath' directory.***`n"
             Write-host $msg
       } else {
          Get-ChocolateyWebFile @LicenseArgs
       # Create an .ini file with default paths to helper applications
       $iniPath = Join-Path $settingsPath 'ortep.ini'
       $iniString = @"
       #  ORTEP.INI
       #  System file for :
       #  Ortep-3 for Windows Version 2014.1 (2014)
       #  Locations of plugin executables
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('editor')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a TXT editor path.'
          $iniString += "`nEditorExecutable=" + $UserArguments['editor']
       } else {
          $iniString += "`nEditorExecutable=c:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe"
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('povray')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a POVray path.'
          $iniString += "`nPOVRayExecutable=" + $UserArguments['povray']
       } else {
          $iniString += "`nPOVRayExecutable=C:\Program Files\POV-Ray\v3.7\bin\pvengine64.exe"
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('gsview')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a GSView path.'
          $iniString += "`nPostScriptExecutable=" + $UserArguments['gsview']
       } else {
          $iniString += "`nPostScriptExecutable=C:\Program Files\Ghostgum\gsview\gsview64.exe"
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('graphics')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a Graphics path.'
          $iniString += "`nGraphicsExecutable=" + $UserArguments['graphics']
       } else {
          $iniString += "`nGraphicsExecutable=c:\Program Files\irfanview\i_view32.exe"
       if ($UserArguments.ContainsKey('hpgl')) {
          Write-Host 'You provided a HPGL path.'
          $iniString += "`nHPGLExecutable=" + $UserArguments['hpgl']
       } else {
          $iniString += "`nHPGLExecutable=c:\Program Files\printgl\printglw.exe"
       if (Test-Path $iniPath) {
          Write-Host 'Prior settings file found.  Will not overwrite helper program paths.'
       } else {
          Write-Host 'Establishing helper applications paths.'
          $iniString -replace "`n","`r`n" > $iniPath
    } else {
       throw 'Settings folder does not exist!'
    # Execute installer
    Install-ChocolateyPackage @InstallArgs
  • tools\chocolateyUninstall.ps1 Show
    $RegistryLocation = 'HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall'
    # different key for 32-bit installs on 64-bit systems
    $BitLevel = Get-ProcessorBits
    If ($BitLevel -eq '64') {
       $RegistryLocation = 'HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall'
    $unexe = (Get-ItemProperty "$RegistryLocation\*" | 
                         Where-Object { $_.displayname -match 'ortep'} |
                         Select-Object -ExpandProperty UninstallString).trim('"')
    if (test-path $unexe) {
       $UninstallArgs = @{
          packageName = 'ortep3'
          fileType = 'exe'
          file = $unexe
          validExitCodes = @(0)
       Uninstall-ChocolateyPackage @UninstallArgs
       Remove-Item (Split-Path $unexe) -Recurse -Force
    } else { Write-Host "no uninstaller found!"}
    # remove the environment variable
    Install-ChocolateyEnvironmentVariable 'ORTEP3DIR' $null 'Machine'

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Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware.


This package has no dependencies.

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  • Louis J. Farrugia


Copyright © 2001-2014 Louis J. Farrugia


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