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  1. C:\> choco install powergui

    Package testing. See package page for more details. powerGUI


    PowerGUI is a comprehensive solution helping you get the most of Windows PowerShell. The product has two components: Administrative Console Script Editor and debugger PowerGUI Administrative Console is a graphical user interface for the Microsoft PowerShell scripting environment and runtime, bundled with an advanced PowerShell script editor. P... More information

  2. C:\> choco install highlight

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Highlight Code Converter 3.40


    Highlight converts sourcecode to HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, TeX, SVG, BBCode and terminal escape sequences with coloured syntax highlighting. Language definitions and colour themes are customizable.

  3. C:\> choco install previewhandlerpack

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Windows Preview Handler Pack


    Adds a series of preview handlers to Windows Vista, Windows 7, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 that are useful for software developers. The pack currently supports: ActionScript (.as) ASPX (.aspx) C# (.cs) CSS (.css) Diff (.diff, .patch) DOS (.bat, .cmd) JavaScript (.js) Ruby (.rb, .rhtml, .rjs) thanks to Ivan Porto Carrero SQL (.sql) VB (.vb) View ... More information

  4. C:\> choco install precode.wlw

    Package testing. See package page for more details. PreCode Code Snippet With Syntaxhighlighter Support (WindowsLiveWriter) 5.02


    PreCode - A code snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer with support for Syntaxhighlighter as well as good support for snippet indentation. Updated Windows Live Writer plugin supports Syntaxhighlighter 2.0 and will add the required code class attributes when selected. This release supports SyntaxHighlighter 2.0. Note: Do NOT install this version u... More information