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If you spend any time in a console you know that `cd` is by far the most common command that you issue. I'll open up a console to it's default location in `C:\Users\tkellogg` or `C:\Windows\system32` and then issue a `cd C:\work\MyProject`. `Set-Jump... Keep Reading

Downloads: 262

PSCodeHealth allows you to measure the quality and maintainability of your PowerShell code, based on a variety of metrics related to: * Code length * Code complexity * Code smells, styling issues and violations of best practices * Tests and test cov... Keep Reading

Downloads: 178

Plaster is a template-based file and project generator written in PowerShell. Its purpose is to streamline the creation of PowerShell module projects, Pester tests, DSC configurations, and more. File generation is performed using crafted templates wh... Keep Reading

Downloads: 165

The PSStringTemplate module provides a PowerShell friendly interface for creating templates using the StringTemplate4 template engine. **NOTE**: This is an automatically updated package. If you find it is out of date by more than a week, please cont... Keep Reading

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Downloads: 780

PoShAdmin makes managing computers a breeze with PowerShell. It fills the gap for remote management, remote registry changes, parallel execution. If you ever had to run a piece of PowerShell code on more than 20 machines in a short amount of time, Po... Keep Reading

Downloads: 165

PlatyPS provides a way to: * Write PowerShell External Help in Markdown * Generate markdown help (example) for your existing modules * Keep markdown help up-to-date with your code Markdown help docs can be generated from old external help files (al... Keep Reading

Downloads: 225

Program prefixing for continuous workflow using a single tool. You can pass the following parameters: * `/core` - Installs the module in the AllUsers scope for PowerShell Core; * `/desktop` - Installs the module in the AllUsers scope for Windo... Keep Reading

Downloads: 78

Terminal-Icons is a PowerShell module that adds file and folder icons when displaying items in the terminal. This relies on the custom fonts provided by [Nerd Fonts]( > You must be using one of the fonts prov... Keep Reading

Downloads: 14,457

Downloading items from the PowerShell Gallery to your system requires the PowerShellGet module. You can find the PowerShellGet module in any of the following. You do not need to sign in to download items from the PowerShell Gallery. * [Windows 10]... Keep Reading

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Downloads: 984

PoshCode Module for PowerShell Module Packaging and Script Sharing

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Downloads: 5,181

A .Net Framework Interaction Module for PowerShell

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Downloads: 5,460

A Windows Automation Script module for Powershell

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Downloads: 2,270

Demonstrate Astley Magic

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Downloads: 1,276

A few functions for working with the new Bing APIs

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Downloads: 1,297

This module provides functions for working Http services. Everything from downloading web pages, posting forms, and parsing HTML as XML, to downloading images and files, to interacting with REST web APIs

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Downloads: 1,436

A function for cleaning up scripts by replacing all aliases with full command names and specifying full parameters, etc.

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Downloads: 1,269

The SQLite PowerShell Provider allows PowerShell to interact with SQLite databases if they are drives on your system.

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Downloads: 1,106

Provides various lookup functions that rely on web services

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Downloads: 919

Provides a calc command (Invoke-Evaluator)

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Downloads: 767

A sample SQLitePSProvider Module

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Downloads: 1,759

A (compatible) major upgrade for Get-Credential, including support for storing credentials in Windows Credential Manager, and for specifying the full prompts when asking for credentials, etc.

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Downloads: 1,734

Functions for working with and converting to/from strings

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Downloads: 1,501

A Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) module as a demonstration of a SQLite-based module for PowerBot - the PowerShell IRC bot

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Downloads: 2,246

PowerBot: the PowerShell IRC Bot

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Downloads: 715

A0Toolkit provides custom Auth0 functions via a PowerShell module to support the Auth0 management API.

Downloads: 378

Get-ChildItemColor provides colored version of Get-ChildItem Cmdlet and Get-ChildItem | Format-Wide (ls equivalent). * This adds colors to the output of Get-ChildItem Cmdlet of PowerShell. It is based on Tim Johnson’s script and another script by th... Keep Reading

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Downloads: 348

PowerShell module for publishing another module's help system as a website.

Downloads: 278

dbachecks is a framework created by and for SQL Server pros who need to validate their environments. Basically, we all share similar checklists and mostly just the server names and RPO/RTO/etc change. This open source module allows us to crowd-sourc... Keep Reading

Downloads: 2,533

This package allows you to build on Okta's identity platform using PowerShell.

Downloads: 20

PSHTML allow people to write a HTML document(s) using PowerShell-like syntax, which makes building webpages easier, and less cumbersome for 'native' PowerSheller's. PSHTML offers the flexibility of the PowerShell language, and allows to add logic in... Keep Reading

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