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Unknown Status

Downloads: 1,363

VBoxHeadlessTray is simple windows app that runs a VirtualBox VM as a tray icon, in headless mode

Unknown Status

Downloads: 932

Today, Jenkins the butler will come to your desktop.

Downloads: 65

This is commercial software. All users will be given a 10 day trial and you will need to purchase a license to continuing using when the trial expires. ### Features ## Hotkeys: Hotkeys are not limited to virtual desktops. You can choose any ho... Keep Reading

Unknown Status

Downloads: 1,323

SysTrayMeter will display an icon in the system tray that shows both CPU and RAM usage. It is designed to have both metrics visible simultaneously in an extremely efficient visual representation. Keep Reading

Downloads: 27

Birdtray is a system tray new mail notification for Thunderbird 60+ which does not require extensions.

Downloads: 614

Windows 8 has a new feature where the Aero colors can be automatically adjusted according to the selected wallpaper. This seems to be a nice feature, and there's even a tool available that offers that feature for Windows 7: Aura. But there are some... Keep Reading

mailnoter icon


Downloads: 474

MailNoter is a small tool to help gathering notes from various applications, but specifically from browsers. There are many tools and applications out there which help to keep a repository of personal notes, and even though some of them are very goo... Keep Reading

Downloads: 2,024

Redshift Tray (by ltGuillaume) is a no-frills GUI for the excellent screen temperature adjustment tool Redshift by Jon Lund Steffensen. ##Features * Quickly enable/disable Redshift: double-click the tray icon; * Force a full nighttime temperature ... Keep Reading

Downloads: 470

TrayRecentFiles is a KeePass 2.x plugin that lists your recent files directly in the system tray icon menu. This plug-in will add the (exact) same "Open Recent" menu to your systray KeePass icon. I believe this is a very useful plugin for people wh... Keep Reading

Downloads: 2,158

Desktops allows you to organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. Read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you're not using. After you ... Keep Reading

notify-me-ci icon
Notify Me CI

Downloads: 2,638

Notify Me CI is a desktop application to notify you of CI tasks across varying Servers. ### Features * Ability to add multiple CI servers. * Minimises to the system tray, notifying you of builds, fails and successes. ### Servers Supported * Je... Keep Reading

Downloads: 561

## Features - Pomodoro, Short break and Long break timers - Notifies via system notification when time gets up - Lives in a tray/menubar - Cross platform

Downloads: 1,420

4t Tray Minimizer is a lightweight but powerful window manager, which helps you to free up space on the desktop and the taskbar via the following actions: - Minimize To Tray - any application can be minimized to the system tray. - Roll Up/Roll Down ... Keep Reading

Downloads: 562

Whatsapp Tray allow to minimize the WhatsApp Desktop client to the Windows taskbar tray. It automatically starts WhatsApp when launched and autocloses itself if WhatsApp is closed. Can optionally run on Windows startup and close to tray.

Downloads: 1,102

**T-Clock Redux** is an enhanced fork of [Stoic Joker's T-Clock 2010]( with ISO week number support, bug fixes and the ability to use Windows' default calendar and tooltips. T-Clock *(called TClock)*, originally wri... Keep Reading

trayit icon
Tray It!

Downloads: 231

Tray It! is a lightweight application which runs in the background, allowing windows to be minimized to the notification area (instead of the taskbar) by right-clicking on the close button. ## Note: Although it hasn't been updated since 2008, Tray I... Keep Reading

Downloads: 2,556

Hosts File Editor makes it easy to change your hosts file as well as archive multiple versions for easy retrieval.

Downloads: 2,969

CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Status in your Tray

Downloads: 1,294

CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Status in your Tray

Downloads: 2,353

CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Status in your Tray

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