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Downloads: 1,507

ATDD spec generation tool. Converts a plain text file of Acceptance Criteria in the Gherkin syntax into executable specs.

Downloads: 509

This is a library that helps to write test using Moq and Prig.

Downloads: 442

This library enables that AutoFixture creates mock using Moq and Prig.

Downloads: 759

This is a ILSpy plugin that makes more easy to get Prig Indirection Stub Setting.

Downloads: 4,106

Prig(PRototyping jIG) is a framework that generates a Test Double like Microsoft Fakes/Typemock Isolator/Telerik JustMock based on Unmanaged Profiler APIs. This framework enables that any methods are replaced with mocks. For example, a static propert... Keep Reading

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Downloads: 92,711

###LegiTest LegiTest is a comprehensive tool that allows you to test all your data-centric applications, in an easy-to-use, automated platform. It easily integrates with Visual Studio and your existing development software. LegiTest includes a 14-da... Keep Reading

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