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Visionapp by ASG is a tabbed remote desktop manager to access Windows and Linux machines alike. #### Commercial software * This package installs a 30-day trial version. * After 30 days, you must either [purchase]( a... Keep Reading

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Meshroom is a free, open-source 3D Reconstruction Software based on the [AliceVision]( Photogrammetric Computer Vision framework. Learn more details about the pipeline on [AliceVision website]'http://alicev... Keep Reading

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We are deprecating this package and replacing it by admobilize-malos-vision, the reason is only a change of name and brand.

Downloads: 997

The AdMobilize Vision Service.

Downloads: 835

The Malos Vision application layer comprehends the computer vision technology, that is basically the responsible for the actual detections and CV processing for faces, crowd, and vehicle. It is the edge of the chain of systems that communicates with ... Keep Reading

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The AdMobilize Desktop UI is an application to manage the admobilize-vision and admprovider.

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