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  • Jumplist Launcher

    The newly introduced jumplists, which appear when you right-click on an icon in the superbar, help improving the workflow a lot, but if you want combine multiple programs in one icon, you’re screwed.It lets you add up to 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a jumplist, but see yourself.


  • ColorPic

    Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's impossible. That's why this color picker has a magnifier attached. Grab palettes of up to 16 colors at once and use four advanced color mixers to select a spectrum of possibilities.


  • PureText+

    PureText+ adds a new Windows hot-key (default is WINDOWS+V) that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting.


  • Pencil

    An open-source GUI prototyping tool that's available for ALL platforms.


  • [Deprecated] XML Notepad 2007



  • CAML Viewer

    Welcome to the Stramit SharePoint Caml Viewer

    I write this tool to help me in writing CAML Query.

    Perhaps, you're notice that some CAML is autogenerated each time you're create a view in a list.

    My idea is to create some light view in SharePoint, get its CAML code, modify it and paste it into my code

    I made the first version for 2003

    Here the 2007 version !


  • PDFill

    Looking for an inexpensive alternative to Adobe Acrobat? Please try PDFill! You can use the Free PDF Writer to create free PDF or Image from any printable application. You can use the Free PDF Tools to merge, split, reorder, delete, encrypt, decrypt, rotate, crop and reformat PDF pages, add information/header/footer/watermark, convert image to PDF or PDF to image, scan a Paper to PDF, and more. Besides, with a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat, PDFill PDF Editor can do more than the Free Adobe Reader.


  • FileTypesMan

    Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows


  • IconsExtract

    Extract icon/cursor stored in EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL files


  • Explorer++

    Explorer++ is a lightweight and fast file manager for Windows


  • Word Content Control Toolkit

    This toolkit makes binding content controls to XML data in your Word document as easy as a drag and drop.

    This is a stand-alone, light-weight tool that opens any Word Open XML document (eg .docx) and lists all of the content controls inside of it.
    The XML parts are also displayed, and a mapping between the content controls and the XML nodes can be accomplished by simply selecting the node and dropping it on the content control you wish to map to.
    The editor allows you to also edit/add/remove Custom XML parts and manipulate content control properties.
    The tool does not require Word to be installed because it operates directly on the new Open XML file formats by reading and writing to them using the System.IO.Packaging library available in .NET.
    The code to do this is included in the releases and can be used as a handy resource on how to perform complex manipulations of the format.


  • Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office

    There are times that you use the same basic structure of XML in different documents. For example, the XML for the <customUI> element and the <ribbon> element are the same for all Microsoft Office applications that support the Ribbon. It can be tiresome to have to type in the same information for each use. To eliminate this need, you can use the Custom UI Editor to store and access custom templates.


  • NEWT: Network Emulator Toolkit for Windows

    NEWT is a software-based emulator that can emulate the behavior of both wired and wireless networks using a reliable physical link, such as an Ethernet. A variety of network attributes are incorporated into the NEWT emulation model, including round-trip time across the network (latency), the amount of available bandwidth, queuing behavior, a given degree of packet loss, reordering of packets, and error propagations. NEWT also provides flexibility in filtering network packets based on IP addresses or protocols such as TCP, UDP, and ICMP.


  • LDAP Explorer

    The LDAP Explorer is a small utility written in .Net (using c#) that allows you to navigate a LDAP Directory.

    It has been tested on Active Directory (win2000 and win2003), Novell E-Directory and OpenLDAP 2.X directory server. It should also work on other Directory Servers.

    This utility is very useful when writing application/website that use Active Directory or LDAP as you can navigate the directory and inspect properties of any object in the tree.


  • Windows Preview Handler Pack

    Adds a series of preview handlers to Windows Vista, Windows 7, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 that are useful for software developers.

    The pack currently supports:
    ActionScript (.as)
    ASPX (.aspx)
    C# (.cs)
    CSS (.css)
    Diff (.diff, .patch)
    DOS (.bat, .cmd)
    JavaScript (.js)
    Ruby (.rb, .rhtml, .rjs) thanks to Ivan Porto Carrero
    SQL (.sql)
    VB (.vb)
    View Screenshots:


  • SPI Port Forward

    Small, simple program to forward the connections to other hosts/ports. Useful if you have a Web server/FTP server or similar behind a router, which you have no idea on how to configure it manually. One file, just run and enjoy

    Port Forward enables you to access ASP.NET Development Server included in Visual Studio from another computer.

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