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Color Sustainer


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Color Sustainer (ICC Profile Enforcer). Color Sustainer is an application that allows you to associate color profiles with particular display modes

These profiles are loaded automatically for their respective modes as you:

  • switch displays on and off
  • add and remove displays
  • change display modes - from Windows, games, media players, this application, or any other application
  • load up full-screen applications (e.g. games) that reset and override (but not ignore) set color profiles.

Change display color profile association mode

Right-click a display in mode-specific mode (default) and click "Change to Global" to associate a single global color profile to the display. Right-click a display in global mode and click "Change to Mode-specific" to associate color profiles to specific display modes.

This application requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable to be installed. Please check up on this forum thread for questions and more info.

To install Color Sustainer, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install color-sustainer

To upgrade Color Sustainer, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade color-sustainer


  • tools\Changelog.txt Show
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Fixed profile parsing. Now all profiles that can be loaded into the graphics card (have a video card gamma table) work. Thanks to imyrno for the detailed steps for profile parsing.
    -Fixed the memory leak that occurs when the application is started and looping.
    -Fixed an update checking bug whereby newer versions yet unreleased to the public are not deemed newer than the latest version released.
    -Removed "by yasamoka" in title, "Donate" section under "Help", added "About Color Sustainer" section under "Help".
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Made the update system smarter; now it properly compares version numbers and does not only check for mismatch.
    -The "Check for updates periodically" checkbox is unchecked if the settings window is shown, an update is available, and "Never remind me again" is pressed.
    -Tray icon context menu now gets drawn upwards rather than downwards the first time the tray icon is right-clicked with the taskbar placed at the bottom.
    -LUT Bit Depth Clamp now works for monitors in global color profile association mode.
    -Start / Stop main window action button text now first shows "Stop" instead of "Start" if Color Sustainer is started via "-start" argument.
    -The version field in the Settings file has to be at the top else loading the settings fails.
    -An invalid settings keyword no longer causes settings loading to fail. (Useful for using older versions with settings files produced by newer versions)
    -Changing one monitor from global to mode-specific color profile association mode then selecting a second monitor that is in global mode now clears the Resolutions list.
    -Resolutions are now automatically detected after changing a monitor from global to mode-specific color profile association mode.
    -Startup settings now get checked and updated upon application launch.
    -Deleting a monitor in global color profile association mode now hides all the widgets related to associating a color profile / predefined tint.
    -The README file now accomodates changes made since v1.04.1.
    -Emergency v1.04 hotfix
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Color profile association section remains visible after a monitor in global mode is deleted
    -Disabled buttons (greyed out) instead of hiding them
    -Delete All Button gets disabled when there is nothing to delete
    -Disabled the ability to resize windows (adds empty space)
    -Tree no longer gets saved directly after being loaded (even successfully)
    -Used a higher-resolution icon for the application windows
    -Revamped the settings section
    -Separated the tray icon modes from the application (going to be included in a sister application later on)
    New features:
    -Software update checking system
    -Donate button
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Debug line shows up in display list
    -Log shows v1.03 at application launch
    -Associating a new replacement color profile for an active display mode for an active monitor while the loop is running does not change the profile.
    -Display Device Enumeration issue: on calling EnumDisplayDevices, assumed that only one display can be detected per device, used if statement instead of while loop
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Removing a profile association from an active monitor in Global mode while the loop is running does not set the current profile to NULL.
    -Setting a color profile (or changing from such color profile to a pre-defined tint) to an inactive mode for an active monitor in Mode-specific mode will set the current profile's ramp but not name to that color profile.
    -Changed title to v1.03.2 (was 1.03 for v1.03.1)
    New feature:
    -Change a monitor between Global mode / Mode-specific mode.
    Resolved the following issues:
    -Display mode X is selected in the list and is the active display mode. Windows / external application changes the active mode. Now display mode X is not the active mode. Right-clicking on the already-selected display mode X does not show a "Change to Mode" option.
    -Trying to associate a color profile that cannot be parsed results in logging "Failed to parse..." followed by "Associating color profile...". The (now null / random) gamma ramp then fails to load or be preserved.
    -Color profiles now get closed after they are parsed (success / fail), instead of remaining open as long as Color Sustainer is running.
    -Detect button shows for display mode and not for resolution when an inactive display is chosen
    -Log application launch
    -Log success or failure for mode request changes
    -Close to Tray instead of Minimize to Tray
    -Tray icon now changes when started or stopped
    -Added separate detect and delete options for monitors, resolutions, modes
    New Feature:
    -Tray Icon Display Modes: You can now add display modes to the tray icon, for quick switching between display modes straight from the tray. Right-click, hover over a monitor, and click on the display mode and the monitor should switch to that mode.
  • tools\chocolateyInstall.ps1 Show
    $fileName = "color-sustainer.exe"
    $linkName = "Color Sustainer.lnk"
    $destdir = $(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)
    #install start menu shortcut
    $programs = [environment]::GetFolderPath([environment+specialfolder]::Programs)
    $shortcutFilePath = Join-Path $programs $linkName
    $targetPath = Join-Path $destdir $fileName
    Install-ChocolateyShortcut -shortcutFilePath $shortcutFilePath -targetPath $targetPath -RunAsAdmin
    #make usable in commandline
    Install-ChocolateyPath $destdir
  • tools\chocolateyUninstall.ps1 Show
    $linkName = "Color Sustainer.lnk"
    $programs = [environment]::GetFolderPath([environment+specialfolder]::Programs)
    $shortcutFilePath = Join-Path $programs $linkName
    if(Test-Path $shortcutFilePath) {
        del $shortcutFilePath
  • tools\color-sustainer.exe Show
    md5: 67D6FAA7C56A8D80A8263380D1416554 | sha1: B294CC37BAB58D4BD7D1EC19F8EEB6986E148460 | sha256: 55B15AB8F71D024A66AD37DA76231B77FEE917833EC2179003743A26A4A9AFCB | sha512: 99F2BDC6F9F70C465A6C808705AB4EF6925C6015622D74FD0CD44CF56D80458968545CC2B3D3124D95C1E33B6B76696F2E72F1A0F2D3410F99DF3EB1F0BE7D8E
  • tools\color-sustainer.exe.gui
  • tools\QtCore4.dll Show
    md5: 7B5F259BCAB7339C078E3AB82376329F | sha1: 6B075E27DBFC9FA83AF6E25EB115D0275C37BF6A | sha256: BAD830336E84A65D11599F26FFDBA20300B985FA571523F8F633F05DE48B8915 | sha512: 8ADA247CCE975020A4ADFB9675A1913D2FCB77722D17B17B587134BBCB7878B8FC26D720C8A7FBB87A78FC865947A03DD55D742A94749911690635A5C2DCF0AD
  • tools\QtGui4.dll Show
    md5: 831BA3A8C9D9916BDF82E07A3E8338CC | sha1: 6C89FD258937427D14D5042736FDFCCD0049F042 | sha256: D2C8C8B6CC783E4C00A5EF3365457D776DFC1205A346B676915E39D434F5A52D | sha512: BEDA57851E0E3781ECE1D0EE53A3F86C52BA99CB045943227B6C8FC1848A452269F2768BF4C661E27DDFBE436DF82CFD1DE54706D814F81797A13FEFEC4602C5
  • tools\QtNetwork4.dll Show
    md5: 8A2E025FD3DDD56C8E4F63416E46E2EC | sha1: 5F58FEB11E84AA41D5548F5A30FC758221E9DD64 | sha256: 52AE07D1D6A467283055A3512D655B6A43A42767024E57279784701206D97003 | sha512: 8E3A449163E775DC000E9674BCA81FFABC7FECD9278DA5A40659620CFC9CC07F50CC29341E74176FE10717B2A12EA3D5148D1FFC906BC809B1CD5C8C59DE7BA1
  • tools\README.docx
  • tools\VERIFICATION.pdf

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Package Maintainer(s)

Software Author(s)

  • Ramzi Sabra (a.k.a yasamoka)


2014-2017 Ramzi Sabra (a.k.a yasamoka)


Release Notes


Resolved the following issues:
  • Fixed profile parsing. Now all profiles that can be loaded into the graphics card (have a video card gamma table) work. Thanks to imyrno for the detailed steps for profile parsing.
  • Fixed the memory leak that occurs when the application is started and looping.
  • Fixed an update checking bug whereby newer versions yet unreleased to the public are not deemed newer than the latest version released.

Users may have been recently notified that a Color Sustainer update is available when there is none. The notification will not go away unless you press "Never remind me again" which may deprive you in the future of being notified of important updates to Color Sustainer.

A hotfix is on its way to fix the issue at hand, but meanwhile, merely editing the Color Sustainer settings text file and changing updateAvailable=1 to updateAvailable=0 will fix the issue given the server for the version update check is back online the next time Color Sustainer checks for an update (upon application launch / 24 hours after last check if Color Sustainer remains running). Thank you for your understanding and apologies for any annoyances caused by this confusion.

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