Found An Issue?

Was it with a package on this site?

If you are having issue with a package, please see Request Package Fixes or Updates / Become a maintainer of an existing package.

Packages provided on this site are community packages, as such they are unsupported. If you are looking for package support, and you are a business customer, please contact us about custom packaging for your needs.

Are you a licensed customer?

Please use the support email to contact support.

Do you have a support contract?

Please use the support email. Optionally, if your support contract includes phone support, call the support line.

Was it with this site?

Please report the issue to the repository.

Was it with the choco.exe client?

If you have found an issue with the CLI (choco.exe), please see the choco repository.

Was it with the Chocolatey GUI?

If you have found an issue with the GUI (Chocolatey GUI), please see the ChocolateyGUI repository.