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12 Days of Chocolatey
12 Days of Chocolatey

The 12 Days of Chocolatey livestream event may be over, but we've archived all the videos for you to watch again!

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Chocolatey Central Managements Deployments Scheduling, Semi-Connected Environments, and API
Chocolatey Central Management

Learn about Chocolatey Central Management Deployment schedules, semi-connected environments, and API.

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Businesses Trust Chocolatey Software

Many organizations face the ongoing challenge of deploying and supporting various versions of software. Chocolatey allows organizations to automate and simplify the management of their complex Windows environments. Our customers have experienced a massive reduction in effort, improved speed of deployment, high reliability, and comprehensive reporting.

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Whether you are looking to create your first package or planning to fully automate your entire Windows Lifecycle. Its time to step out of the dark ages and stop doing things manually. Reduce complexity, save yourself time, and get up to speed on the latest technologies and approaches.

Even if you are new to automation or a Chocolatey expert, our courses are designed to get you up to speed easily.

  • Interactive courses with quizzes on each module
  • Self-paced with practical exercises
  • Earn badges for each course you have completed, and share on your profile
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