Chocolatey comes in different flavors! Pick the one that is right for you!

  Open Source Pro MSP Business
For everyone The ultimate experience for individuals Features and reliability for managed service providers For organizations / enterprises that need a better ROI - save time and money
Pricing Free $96/yr Starts at $600/yr for 100 licenses Starts at $600/yr (around $16 per license) - Special pricing for qualified institutions! Contact us today to get started!
No limit on machines Up to 5 machines Starts at 100 machines Starts at 35 machines
Host Your Own Package Repository - Chocolatey supports multiple package sources including your own internal (private and/or authenticated) feeds!
Infrastructure Automation Integration - Chocolatey works with all infrastructure management and RMM tools!
Upgrade all software with one command - it's like Windows Update, but for all your internal and 3rd party software!
Create Packages / Customize Packaging Templates
30+ built-in PowerShell functions - turns complex software management tasks into one line function calls!
PowerShell Extensions - Extend Chocolatey with your own functions!
Enhanced functionality, additional PowerShell functions - giving you more control, reliability, smoother usage, and covering more scenarios that make sense for organizations!  
Package Internalizer - automatic offline/internalization and recompile support removes internet access from existing packages!      
Package Builder - Detect and create full software deployments in 5-10 seconds!      
Generate from Programs and Features - create packages for all current installs in under 60 seconds?!      
Background Mode / Self-Service Installer - Chocolatey as a background service so admins and non-admins alike can manage software!      
Central Console - Reporting and management of software for your entire organization from one location!       (est Q2 2017)
Package Builder UI - A visual interface to create packages!    
Package Synchronizer - Automatic Sync - keep installed packages synced up with software they are tracking when upgrades and uninstalls are performed outside of Chocolatey!  
Package Synchronizer - Sync Command - create packages out of Programs and Features and bring existing software installations under Chocolatey management!   (est Q3 2017, search in sources for existing packages only)  
Install Directory Override - one switch for all installers!  
Private CDN Cache - no more 404s!  
Runtime Malware/Virus Protection - stay protected!   Generic Scanner Only
Package Downloader - download existing packages with an easy command!  
Priorization of Bugs and Features    
Packaging Support Services - You upload your troublesome installers, we provide you fully automated packages       Add-on at any time
Support for Community Packages N/A N/A N/A N/A
Email Support   4 incidents
Phone Support       Available
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What Counts As a License?

Every machine that has or will have Chocolatey installed is part of the license count, whether that is for building packages, taking advantage of runtime features, or receiving packages built with Package Builder / Package Internalizer. Those machines can be physical, virtual, in the cloud, or in test environments. It does not matter if you deploy the license to these machines, they are still part of the count for licensing costs. An organization that needs to temporarily go over a license count while you bring up a server before destroying another does not incur a penalty as long as they are back in limits within 24 hours and the average count of licenses is below the threshold.

Note: Chocolatey Architect edition is the only exception, where the package you build are deployed to machines in external organizations that your organization has no control over (Chocolatey Architect Edition will be listed with pricing soon).

Tell Me More

Pro is for individuals (like you) that want the ultimate Chocolatey experience! Pro is a personal, named license that grants having licensed versions of Chocolatey on up to 5 machines for $8/month (about the price of a single lunch outing). You can use Chocolatey Pro at work provided you do not go over the 5 machine limit and are not depending on it for your production servers (it's not meant for production use).

When you purchase a Pro license, you are supporting the community - your money goes towards infrastructure costs/improvements surrounding the community repository!

MSP editions are for managed service providers that want to provide better functionality for their customers.

Business editions are for organizations and enterprises that need a complete software management lifecycle solution and want to really get a handle on the chaos.

All licensed versions build on top of the already great features that are available in the FOSS version. When you need more features and better integration with Windows systems, Pro, MSP, and Business editions have you covered.

I'm An Organization Ordering Licenses For My Development Staff, Any Recommendations?

While you can purchase Pro licenses for each of your developers, we recommend you take a look at the Start Up edition of the Business license. It is going to give you the best option at only $600 per year for up to 35 machines.

I'm An Organization That Provides CI / CD / DevOps Services to External Organizations/Customers. What Should I Choose?

You are likely going to be most interested in Chocolatey Architect Edition, which has all of the fantastic packaging and build time features, but does not carry a runtime count as part of the licensing costs. That allows packages to be deployed to environments that your organization doesn't control, whether to environments that have Chocolatey open source or licensed.

What is the difference between Business and Architect?

Architect edition is for creating packages for external organizations or customers. Business edition is when those packages are being deployed to environments in your organization.

As an organization that is using Chocolatey, should I get Business or Architect?

If your organization owns/controls the environments, you should purchase Chocolatey for Business. It is a violation of licensing to deploy packages built by Architect edition into your environments, except for testing before providing those packages to your external customers.

Is the open source license business friendly?

Yes, it is. Chocolatey carries a FOSS Apache 2.0 license, which is business friendly. You can use Chocolatey and most of its infrastructure without cost. However the MSP and Business editions offers better features and support that far outweigh any initial expenses! Given the Business features supporting package creation and maintenance alone, the time-savings is far greater than the cost!

What Is The Refund Policy?

We provide a full refund the first 30 days. After that Business editions are prorated over the remainder of the year. MSP and Pro editions are already very discounted so they prorate over the first six months.

What Sizes Do Business Editions Come In?

We are excited to offer the following Business editions at a cost to you of around $15 per license annually, depending on volume. Here are the sizes:

  • Startup - up to 35 licenses
  • Small - over 35 and up to 500 licenses
  • Medium - 500+ licenses
  • Large - 2,000+ licenses
  • Enterprise - over 10,000 licenses - Contact us for details

What Are "Business Packs"?

To give you an idea of the costs, the licensing is shown in "packs", e.g. "a large pack" or "three medium packs". It's really to give you an approximate cost when it comes to purchasing licensing as the price goes down per machine when you hit each level. If you are a small business with 200 computers, you don't need to purchase Business Medium, instead you could purchase Business Small for 200 computers (contact sales to do so) or you could directly purchase 2 Small packs and that would allow you to go up to 300 machines for $400/mo instead of $650/month. If you are a large business with 2,600 machines, you could purchase 2 large business packs which would allow you to go up to 4,000 machines or you can contact sales to get a price point for 2,600 machines.

Can I Mix And Match The Business Edition Sizes?

The packs really are there to give you a rough idea of the pricing at each volume level. When you have a number of machines that doesn't quite meet one of the levels exactly, you still want to take advantage of that volume pricing but get a price for the number of machines that you have. For example if you have 3,000 machines, you probably won't want to buy two Large Business packs, instead you may just want to purchase licensing for 3,000 machines. While you could purchase two Large Business packs if you are going to expand, it is more economical for you to contact sales about pricing for 3,000 machines.

I need to work through a reseller. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Have the reseller contact us so we can get everything set up.

I have a client that is interested or ready to purchase Chocolatey for Business. What are my options?

Review our Chocolatey Partner Ecosystem page, then contact us (select "Partnership Opportunities") so we can provide you with the most up to date options.

What is the Difference Between the MSP and Business Editions?

  • Features - The Business edition has features for managing and controlling the entire software management lifecycle. The MSP edition only has a subset of the features including synchronize and the directory switch.
  • Support - Support in the MSP edition is limited to 4 support incidents annually, where Business editions come with standard support.
  • Pricing - The pricing for Business editions are around $1.30 per license per month (price drops based on volume) where the MSP edition is priced at $0.50 per license per month.

How is the MSP Edition Priced?

The pricing for Chocolatey MSP Edition is competitively priced at $0.50 per license per month with features that service providers are looking to provide for their constituents. These are purchased in packs of 100. If you need 2,000 licenses, select Order Now and set the quantity to 20. Then update the total. Once everything looks good, continue with your order.

We Are Not a Managed Service Provider, Can We Purchase the MSP Edition?

The MSP edition requires verification. Please contact us to see if there are options we can work out with you regarding the Business edition.

How Does Standard Support Work?

Unless you have an explicit support contract, you are able to contact us through a special email address. This gives you a private support channel to communicate with us about bugs and feature requests. This support channel is not limited for Pro/Business licensed editions. We won't limit this support channel unless we find we need to (if it is being abused, etc). We do provide prioritization of features and bugs for customers. MSP editions carry different support (see next question).

How Does MSP Support Work?

You are limited to 4 support incidents annually. If an incident is found to be a bug with Chocolatey, it will not count towards your incident count.

We Are an MSP, Can We Purchase The Business Edition For the Better Features and Support?

Absolutely, contact us for more details.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Licenses?

Once we have received your order successfully, you will receive your licenses with 1-2 business days!

Are Perpetual Licenses Available?

Yes, we have that option for the Business edition! Please contact us for details.

How Do I Get Support For A Package?

We do not have support for packages found on - those are considered community packages and should not be used for commercial purposes. Package issues should follow the package triage proces. Read more...

If you need support with packaging a piece of software and you are a business customer, please contact us.

Upcoming Features?

NOTE: Upcoming features could be changed, reprioritized and/or removed without notice. With that in mind, we are planning on the following features:

  • [Business] Administrator Only Mode - Only allow administrators to run Chocolatey.
  • [Business] Lock down configuration of Chocolatey to certain groups - helpful when you want to ensure the default source (the community feed) stays disabled.