Unpacking Software Livestream

Join our monthly Unpacking Software livestream to hear about the latest news, chat and opinion on packaging, software deployment and lifecycle management!

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Chocolatey Product Spotlight

Join the Chocolatey Team on our regular monthly stream where we put a spotlight on the most recent Chocolatey product releases. You'll have a chance to have your questions answered in a live Ask Me Anything format.

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Chocolatey Coding Livestream

Join us for the Chocolatey Coding Livestream, where members of our team dive into the heart of open source development by coding live on various Chocolatey projects. Tune in to witness real-time coding, ask questions, and gain insights into the world of package management. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with our team and contribute to the future of Chocolatey!

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Calling All Chocolatiers! Whipping Up Windows Automation with Chocolatey Central Management

Webinar from
Wednesday, 17 January 2024

We are delighted to announce the release of Chocolatey Central Management v0.12.0, featuring seamless Deployment Plan creation, time-saving duplications, insightful Group Details, an upgraded Dashboard, bug fixes, user interface polishing, and refined documentation. As an added bonus we'll have members of our Solutions Engineering team on-hand to dive into some interesting ways you can leverage the new features available!

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Chocolatey Community Coffee Break

Join the Chocolatey Team as we discuss all things Community, what we do, how you can get involved and answer your Chocolatey questions.

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Chocolatey and Intune Overview

Webinar Replay from
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

At Chocolatey Software we strive for simple, and teaching others. Let us teach you just how simple it could be to keep your 3rd party applications updated across your devices, all with Intune!

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Chocolatey For Business. In Azure. In One Click.

Livestream from
Thursday, 9 June 2022

Join James and Josh to show you how you can get the Chocolatey For Business recommended infrastructure and workflow, created, in Azure, in around 20 minutes.

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The Future of Chocolatey CLI

Livestream from
Thursday, 04 August 2022

Join Paul and Gary to hear more about the plans for the Chocolatey CLI in the not so distant future. We'll talk about some cool new features, long term asks from Customers and Community and how you can get involved!

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Hacktoberfest Tuesdays 2022

Livestreams from
October 2022

For Hacktoberfest, Chocolatey ran a livestream every Tuesday! Re-watch Cory, James, Gary, and Rain as they share knowledge on how to contribute to open-source projects such as Chocolatey CLI.

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Simple Pricing That Scales

Pro (Individual)

Personal, Named License for Individuals


Up to 8 of Your Own Personal Machines

Business (C4B)

For Organizations - Chocolatey for Business

Questions? Please see FAQ below. If your question is not answered, please contact us.
For special pricing or tax exempt purchases, please contact sales. You can also setup a free evaluation of Chocolatey for Business

Pricing Overview

How is Chocolatey priced?

Chocolatey is priced on a per node basis. Please see "What counts as a license?" (below) for more information.

What are pricing options?

For organizations that want to quickly get started, we offer the Chocolatey for Business (C4B) Annual starts at $1700 per year (100 node minimum at $17/node/year). This is the minimum pack and ideal for smaller environments, testing, or setting up a proof of concept.

  • For budgeting, the pricing starts at $17 per node/year.
  • Price breaks begin at 500 nodes with special pricing for larger volumes and multi-year contracts (with full amount paid on contract acceptance).
  • We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations and have other opportunities for discounts for all types of organizations. Please see the FAQs just below this.
Retail Cost Per License 40 - 499 500 - 1,999 2,000 - 9,999 10,000 +
Annual w/Standard Support $17 $16.60 $16 $15.50
Annual for Education/Non-Profit Contact Sales
Perpetual w/Standard Support $51 / $8.50* $49.80 / $8.30* $48 / $8* $46.50 / $7.75*

What is included in an annual subscription?

The annual subscription is an all-inclusive price.

An annual subscription includes:

  • Licensing for all the advanced features in our commercial editions
  • Upgrades for access to all the features and fixes that come available during your subscription term
  • Access to our support team, with varying levels based on what you purchase (including an option for 24/7). See support below for more information

Do you also offer perpetual pricing?

We also offer perpetual pricing on Chocolatey for Business. Contact us for details.

Do you offer special pricing?

For Case study / testimonials we can offer discounts on Chocolatey for Business. Multi-year term and volume purchase contracts also provide options for discounts (Note: multi-year terms are discounted as the full amount of the contract is due upfront). Contact us for details.

We are a non-profit/education/government institution. What special pricing do you have available?

We offer very attractive pricing for education and non-profit organizations. Depending on volume, we have varying levels of special discounts available. Contact us for details.

Can we add more nodes during our subscription?

Yes, adding more nodes is easy. Simply let us know the number of nodes you would like to add and we provide a quote. We are also happy to co-term your nodes to current subscription. We would send you an updated licence file.

What counts as a license?

Our licensing is per node (machine).

Simply put, every node you deploy Chocolatey packages to, whether physical, virtual, container, on-prem, in the cloud, or in test environments. Every environment, everywhere, all are part of the licensing count.

We aim to keep our licensing simple and transparent.

Can I mix open source and commercial Chocolatey?

While you technically can, you need to be very careful, physically separating even the repositories you are using. If you end up deploying any packages you've built or acquired with licensed features, those open source nodes will also count as licensed nodes for licensing purposes.

What happens if we go over the licence count?

An organization that needs to temporarily go over a license count while you bring up a server before destroying another does not incur a penalty as long as they are back in limits within 24 hours and the average count of licenses is below the threshold.

Do we install Chocolatey on every machine where we manage software?

Yes, Chocolatey has a local client install on every machine where you will manage software with Chocolatey.

How can we track the number of nodes we have deployed?

We recommend you track the nodes you deploy using your currently reporting tools or deployment schedules so that you are aligned to our licencing agreement. Our Chocolatey Central Management dashboard does offer the ability for customers to track their node count and deployments.

Can we purchase just some of the features?

Unfortunately not. Chocolatey for Business is more than package management, as it if offers a suite of advanced functionality, support, and deeper technical integrational. With our goals in simplicity, reducing complexity of offerings helps keep costs low. If we separated out the features and sold them individually, the added complexity for us would make the price of individual features the same as our current fully-featured offering.

We're an organization, can we deploy Chocolatey Pro?

Our Chocolatey Professional edition was developed for home users or community members looking support our open source project. It is a violation of the Pro licensing to use it in an organizational context. We try to keep our offerings simple, Chocolatey for Business is ideal for organizational use and the cost and time savings far outweigh the investment.

What licensing options do you offer?

We offer both subscription and perpetual licensing. Perpetual offerings are only available for Chocolatey for Business (C4B).

Can we get an official quote?

If you are ready to move forward with an official quote or need budgetary pricing simply reach out to our team and we will be back in touch.

Can we purchase through a reseller?

We do have a network of resellers - check with your partner to see if they already have an agreement with Chocolatey. If they do not and you have a preferred partner them simply introduce them to us, and we'll work with them through the process.

Can we pay by Credit Card, ACH, Wire transfer, check, etc?

Yes. For organizations, we support many payment methods. If you have general questions and are not already in contact with sales, please contact sales. Otherwise, please reach out over email/phone.

We are tax exempt, how can we purchase?

If you are not already in contact with sales, please contact sales. Otherwise, please reach out over email/phone. Unfortunately the payment provider you can use directly from the website does not account for tax exemptions.

Can you work with our purchasing team to get set-up as a supplier?

We are happy to engage directly with your purchasing or procurement teams once you are ready to move forward with purchase. This may include the supply of W9, support with on-boarding, and any security or operational questions. Simply contact us with your requirements.

Where can we obtain a copy of your license agreement?

For Chocolatey for Business, you can find a copy here. Other editions are subject to Apache v2.0 licensing.

How long does it take to get the license?

Once we have received your order successfully, you will receive your licenses within 1-3 business days.

What is the refund policy?

For Pro, we provide a full refund the first 30 days. If you are an organization that purchases Chocolatey for Business (C4B) without a trial, you are also granted a 30 day period. Please note we provide business trials so you can know it is right for your organization prior to an annual commitment.

How do renewals work?

Typically you would purchase again using the same method as you used previously. The expiry date for the new license will take the old expiration date into account.

Once you receive the license, you will need to place it on every machine over the old license file. If you have a lot of machines, we recommend creating a package for the license to allow a simple package upgrade.

What happens if I don't renew?

  • Annual: If you have an annual subscription and do not renew it, the commercial features will stop working when the license expires (by default it goes back to open source, but you can turn on a feature to make it error if you depend on the security aspects of the commercial edition). Access to support also ceases at the end of your subscription term.
  • Perpetual: If you have a perpetual license and do not renew the annual maintenance and support, the commercial features will still work, but you will no longer be able to get newer editions of the commercial products, nor will you have access to support.

Can you send me a renewal quote?

Yes, we can for our organizational customers. For organizational customers, we typically email renewal notifications with next steps 30-45 days prior to the license expiration, but sometimes we may not have the right contact or spam filters get in the way. If you are in need of a renewal quote, just contact our sales team.

Can we add more nodes?

Adding more nodes is easy. Simply let us know the number of nodes you would like to add and we provide a quote. We can also add more nodes at any time during your contract and don't have to wait until the renewal date. We can co-term the licensing and pro-rate pricing so you have one simple renewal date.

How does support work?

See our support page for details.

What levels of support do you offer?

Please see our support page for details.

  • Pro - included automatically for Professional customers
  • Business Standard - included automatically for all organizational customers
  • Business Standard+ - included automatically for all organizational customers with 100 licenses or more
  • Business Premium - available for larger organizational customers at an additional cost

Do you have 24/7 support available?

We do for premium customers. Please see the support page for details.

How do I get support for a package?

We do not have support for packages found on Chocolatey.org - those are considered community packages and should not be used for commercial purposes. Package issues should follow the package triage process. Read more...

While we are able to give tips and pointers on packaging that you create, every piece of software out there is a special snowflake so we are unable to support the packaging of it directly. The only exception to this is if you are a business customer and you opt for professional packaging services.

Professional packaging services can be purchased with a license or at any time simply by reaching out to the sales team. It does carry an additional cost per package - if you already have this, reach out to support. If you haven't already purchased this, you can reach out to sales to make payment ahead of time.