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Open Source Pro Business (C4B)
Create Packages (even offline) / Customize Packaging Templates
Host Your Own Package Repository - Chocolatey supports multiple package sources including your own internal (private and/or authenticated) feeds!
Integration with other tools - Chocolatey works with all infrastructure management and RMM tools!
Package Shims - Adds exes to known PATH, use immediately after installing!
Upgrade all software with one command - it's like Windows Update, but for all your internal and 3rd party software!
30+ built-in PowerShell functions - turns complex software management tasks into one line function calls!
Package Extensions - Extend Chocolatey with your own PowerShell Modules (extensions)!
Enhanced functionality, additional PowerShell functions - giving you more control, reliability, smoother usage, and covering more scenarios that make sense for organizations!
Manually Internalize Packages - Take existing community packages and convert for offline use.
Package Internalizer - Convert existing community packages for complete offline / reliable use (removes need for internet access from community packages) with one command that can be automated/scheduled!
Package Builder - Detect and create full software deployments in 5-10 seconds!
Direct Installer (aka Package-less Install) - Install and upgrade directly from exe/msi files!
Generate Packages from Programs and Features - create packages for all current installs in under 60 seconds?!
Background Mode / Self-Service Installer - Chocolatey as a background service so admins and non-admins alike can manage software!
Chocolatey Central Management - Reporting and management of software for your entire organization from one location! Reporting / Deployments
Quick Deployment Environment (QDE) - All recommended infrastructure ready to go in a VM!
Package Builder UI - A visual interface to create packages!
Package Synchronizer - Automatic Sync - keep installed packages synced up with software they are tracking when upgrades and uninstalls are performed outside of Chocolatey!
Package Synchronizer - Sync Command - create packages out of Programs and Features and bring existing software installations under Chocolatey management!
Package Audit - see who installed what/when!
Package Reducer - reduce the size of your package directories automatically!
Package Throttle - reduce download speeds for low bandwidth environments!
Install Directory Override - one switch for all installers!
Download CDN Cache - no more 404s!
Runtime Malware/Virus Protection - stay protected!
Package Downloader - download existing packages with an easy command!
Priorization of Bugs and Features
Packaging Support Services - You upload your troublesome installers, we provide you fully automated packages Cost Per Use at Any Time
Support for Community Packages N/A N/A N/A
Email Support 8 Incidents Annually
Phone Support Available add-on w/Premium Support
Licensing & Terms Apache v2.0 Apache v2.0 + Additional EULA Master Software License Agreement (redline signature format available on request)
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