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Empower Your Remote Users While Maintaining Security Policies

Chocolatey for Business Self-Service and Chocolatey GUI Part: 1

With an increasing requirement to enable a remote workforce, organizations need to review and adopt approaches that ensure that they do not compromise security while maintaining employee productivity.

When faced with unplanned events or special projects, organizations can be required to set-up remote workers with very little notice. Many IT teams are not set-up for adding and securing remote workers in such a short timeframe, and will be required to adopt unfamiliar practices in order to enable their workforce. This could include the purchase of new equipment, reviewing current policies & procedures, and introducing new solutions.

Deploying software to remote desktops and endpoint devices is not always easy, especially in highly regulated and locked down environments. In addition, you need to ensure your end users are productive, efficient, and have no vulnerabilities.

How do you ensure your teams have the most up to date software deployed to their desktops / laptops?

Chocolatey provides a unique approach to managing your end-user software (desktops / laptops) and can be combined with your existing solutions. Chocolatey for Business (C4B) enables better security, enhanced visibility with centralized reporting, and a self-service GUI. Self-Service Anywhere allows non-administrators to easily access and manage IT approved software from the office, from home, or anywhere they have an internet connection.

7 Common Challenges & Considerations When Enabling a Remote Workforce

  1. Ensuring company owned IT equipment is not compromised.
  2. Providing secure and easy access to IT/Company approved applications and critical updates.
  3. Empowering your remote workers to be truly productive. Minimize downtime due to out of date software, and manage the ability to install applications on locked down devices.
  4. Ensuring software updates and patches are provided to remote workers faced with reduced bandwidth or connectivity issues.
  5. Gaining visibility and insight on software packages deployed, especially considering a semi-connected workforce.
  6. Enabling your IT teams to quickly and easily stand-up a solution to empower remote workers.
  7. Supporting IT administrators to speed up deployments, rollouts, and updates.
Remote Work

Businesses Trust Chocolatey Software

Many organizations face the ongoing challenge of deploying and supporting various versions of software. Chocolatey allows organizations to automate and simplify the management of their complex Windows environments. Our customers have experienced a massive reduction in effort, improved speed of deployment, high reliability, and comprehensive reporting.

Enable Self-Service Installations for Non-Adminstrators

  • Ensuring software is deployed and updated to remote users with no 'admin rights' or in highly regulated locked down environments is a challenge.
  • C4B provides organizations the power to easily offer their users an interface to install and upgrade software.
  • Offering a user-friendly, consistent, reliable approach without the need for manual intervention.
  • Central management and control aligned with organizational policies. Endpoint users can only deploy software based on policies and user rights (i.e self-service marked repositories).
  • C4B installation is completely locked down so non-administrators cannot make changes to configurations. Attempted abuses can be logged and audited.
  • Ability to brand GUI with company logo.

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