Why Chocolatey?

Deploying software can be repetitive, complex, and error-prone. What if you could quickly solve these issues and spend more time on high value tasks?

The Problem

We often hear that managing Windows software can be a frustrating or time-consuming experience. In addition, teams may have some automated approaches, but have identified gaps in the experience. Newer automation approaches (DevOps) and configuration management tools still don't fully address Windows software management in an easy and maintainable way.

Some of the common challenges include:

  • TIME: Manual approach to software deployment is time consuming & inefficient
  • COMPLEXITY: Traditional tools are complex & ineffective in today's IT environment
  • COST: Deploying & managing Windows software without standard package management results in additional overheads

With the ongoing confusion on where do you start? What is the best approach?

What is Chocolatey
The biggest challenge is reducing duplication of effort, so users turn to Chocolatey for simplicity.

Rob Reynolds, Founder of Chocolatey Software

> choco install docker-desktop

Simplify Complex Processes, Save Time & Effort

There are a lot of different installer formats and multiple approaches to deploying Windows software. Deploying software without package management on Windows can be complicated and time-consuming.

System engineers can spend hours deploying and configuring Windows software manually. Traditional tools were not built for modern automation and a DevOps approach, which can make achieving consistency and gaining insights across your environment difficult.

Chocolatey simplifies this through simple, repeatable, and automated approach, by using a universal packaging format for managing all aspects of Windows software. Whether you are managing native installers, zips, script, runtime binaries or in-house developed applications, Chocolatey treats them all as 1st class citizens and gives you a consistent, unified approach to software management!

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere, with Anything, and then Simply Track & Manage

Chocolatey aims to automate the entire software lifecycle from install through upgrade and removal on Windows operating systems. We aim to simplify complex processes through a single unifying interface allowing you to control the chaos.

Chocolatey for Business allows organizations to adopt a DevOps approach that can easily manage your Windows environment, delivering applications to servers and end-users faster and more reliably. By taking advantage of PowerShell to provide automated software management instructions, Chocolatey’s built-in functions turn complex tasks into one-line function calls.

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