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A number of features or background services communicate with Google servers despite the absence of an associated Google account or compiled-in Google API keys. Furthermore, the normal build process for Chromium involves running Google's own high-level commands that invoke many scripts and utilities, some of which download and use pre-built binaries provided by Google. Even the final build output includes some pre-built binaries. Fortunately, the source code is available for everything.

ungoogled-chromium is a set of configuration flags, patches, and custom scripts. These components altogether strive to accomplish the following:
* Disable or remove offending services and features that communicate with Google or weaken privacy
* Strip binaries from the source tree, and use those provided by the system or build them from source
* Add, modify, or disable features that inhibit control and transparency (these changes are minor and do not have significant impacts on the general user experience)

ungoogled-chromium is looking for contributors. See the Contributing, Reporting, Contacting section for more information.



Contributing, Reporting, Contacting

Use the Issue Tracker for problems, suggestions, and questions. There is also a Gitter chat room that serves the same purpose.

Contributors are welcome!

If you are interested in making a change, I, Eloston, encourage you to submit a pull request. Please read the Pull requests section below for submission guidelines.
* Additionally, issues marked with the help wanted tag are changes I need others to help with. Please read the issue's comment thread for more details on what needs to be done.

Pull requests

Pull requests are also welcome. Here are some guidelines:
* Changes that fix certain configurations or add small features and do not break compatibility are generally okay
* Larger changes, such as those that change buildlib, should be proposed through an issue first before submitting a pull request.
* When in doubt, propose the idea through an issue first.


Iridium Browser

Inox patchset


The Chromium Project


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    $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'; # stop on all errors
    Install-ChocolateyZipPackage -packageName 'ungoogled-chromium' -UnzipLocation $(Split-Path -Parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition) -Url '' -checksum '38EEF153C7A34D8E858859F159BCCCB3745EBE99428B00464A7E32426E50CD53' -checksumType 'sha256'-Url64 '' -checksum64 '0B748947A56F814055F678C4BE1E375A5FE614B17ABAE91B3D2BA49A5E20B4CD' -checksumType64 'sha256'

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Package Maintainer(s)

Software Author(s)

  • Eloston


Release Notes

What's new since 55.0.2883.75-1:
- Fix Windows support
- Fix macOS Widevine support
- Fix Linux static build
- Minor tweaks and changes to buildlib and patches

The following binaries are built by @Eloston. For binaries on other systems, see this page.

Download for Debian 9.0 (stretch) amd64:
- chromedriver55.0.2883.87-1amd64.deb
- SHA256: 1bb160480fdba3e42c63a5b36c349b44e661ea6d0298fce0b90b5c3de32f5916
- SHA1: aa12891398c260a2faa30bbb0c95101d1c6c8de4
- MD5: c2483541272b8d8292db36d26a347878
- chrome-sandbox55.0.2883.87-1amd64.deb
- SHA256: 1514717ba3676fb26cabf1dfd67bd895058f15ee337871823becea31c1ce8889
- SHA1: a96f33073d45dae57c147d68f84b1e6f76703e2c
- MD5: 2b8c9d167e3f8a91a0ed15d0db3f5abb
- chromium55.0.2883.87-1amd64.deb
- SHA256: 5c5b3e705d99b1bd8ddd00ed178f9301dbfdd56ec5def8fa6b717603904ea723
- SHA1: 30763a4ffbba85afe13341c662d2e24694252917
- MD5: b18cc935258545c01bef73a638d41ac1
- chromium-l10n55.0.2883.87-1all.deb
- SHA256: f45ae22b2abae37ad6150f4a5e88a9715dbca52c2f9645768a0e9fa0b4501a77
- SHA1: 98e05b331bbefdb871276b13111f21866ba92089
- MD5: c485437fbd532910ca1afb89415191b7
- chromium-browser55.0.2883.87-1amd64.buildinfo
- SHA256: eb2a38d2777f049a33586ff90230210d7c05839905248c623647c1c9f103653f
- SHA1: 63ee43b825cab0afdc205d51cf3830e0204ec7be
- MD5: fdef5d5fc5f7296eefb1eff5609a9a29
- chromium-browser55.0.2883.87-1amd64.changes
- SHA256: db677b498dde2cacd3da4bb4873752d2e2334e6ec97eeac4ed99f0d3c935d779
- SHA1: 151b81990d073650923a35ee9e92c1e43e941351
- MD5: 0597c20cfe795fbf7001d19708c34c13

Download for Windows 32-bit:
- SHA256: 38eef153c7a34d8e858859f159bcccb3745ebe99428b00464a7e32426e50cd53
- SHA1: e63b16df366312b4257a9660d867368b2e6a0a3b
- MD5: 1ca5619f7f0c65ae21c329b27006a7f6

Download for Windows 64-bit:
- SHA256: 0b748947a56f814055f678c4be1e375a5fe614b17abae91b3d2ba49a5e20b4cd
- SHA1: 50adf61c36973d35957d5ac5f833d439b4bf7657
- MD5: 5a0c046cd411d769fb49104a086a45e1

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated Status
ungoogled-chromium 66.0.3359.139001 276 Wednesday, May 9, 2018 approved

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