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  1. C:\> choco install defaultprogramseditor

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Default Programs Editor 2.7.2675.2253


    Default Programs Editor makes it easy to fix file association settings in Windows, including context menu items, icons, and descriptions. Also: autoplay settings and default programs settings ...all without fiddling around in the registry.

  2. C:\> choco install default.template

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Chocolatey Default Template 1.0.0


    ### Chocolatey Default Template This replaces the default Chocolatey template with the current fixes for the template.

  3. C:\> choco install setdefaultbrowser

    Package testing. See package page for more details. SetDefaultBrowser 1.3


    how to use its really simple. just run SetDefaultBrowser.exe in the user context (there is a list of possible ways in my previous blog) with the the hive and browser of your choice. Since the version 1.3 there are more parameters and it might look complicated, but it gives you actually much more flexibility. Just run SetDefaultBrowser without param... More information