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  1. C:\> choco install papercut

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Papercut


    Papercut - build on .NET using WPF. Ever need to test emails from an application, but don't necessarily want it sending them out? Don't want to hassle with pointing it to a physical SMTP server? All you want to is verify it can send email, and take a look at the message. Papercut is the answer. Papercut is a simplified SMTP server designed to only... More information

  2. C:\> choco install papyrus

    Package testing. See package page for more details. Papyrus 1.0.2


    Unofficial Dropbox Paper desktop app

  3. C:\> choco install sciencefair

    Package testing. See package page for more details. ScienceFair 1.0.6


    ## Why ScienceFair? How we access, read and reuse scientific literature is largely controlled by a few vast publishing organisations. This is holding society back. Many wonderful innovations are being explored outside those organisations, but they are rarely integrated into the platforms where people actually access science. We have a vision o... More information