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  1. C:\> choco install checksum

    Package testing. See package page for more details. checksum 0.2.0


    checksum - Command line file checksum validator. ### Determine a checksum for a file checksum checks a file and returns a checksum for md5, sha1, and sha2 (sha256 and sha512). To use checksum you would simply provide a file path and it will return the sum for the file. #### Examples * `checksum -f="relative\path"` * `checksum "relative\path"` ... More information

  2. C:\> choco install hashcheck

    Package testing. See package page for more details. HashCheck Shell Extension


    The HashCheck Shell Extension makes it easy for anyone to calculate and verify checksums and hashes from Windows Explorer. In addition to integrating file checksumming functionality into Windows, HashCheck can also create and verify SFV files (and other forms of checksum files, such as .md5 files). It is fast and efficient, with a very light disk a... More information

  3. C:\> choco install bdfilehash

    Package testing. See package page for more details. BD File Hash 1.1.3


    BD File Hash is a convenient file hashing and hash compare tool for Windows which currently works with MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 algorithms.