Automate and 'Tune Up'
Intune with Chocolatey

Thursday, 6 May 2021
10 AM CDT / 8 AM PDT / 5 PM CET
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Accelerate the automation of your Windows Software with Chocolatey and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)

Microsoft is leading with Intune as its one-stop solution for remote endpoint management. But there are still some gaps that need to be addressed. If your application is not a standard MSI/MSIX file, not available in the Microsoft Store, or requires customization, then how can it be managed?

On this Webinar we will show you the answer to the question: "How do I manage ALL of my Windows software with Intune?".

Chocolatey for Business allows you to quickly on-board any Windows software into Intune with two simple commands! Sounds too good to be true? Join our webinar and watch us do it live.

In this webinar we will be announcing our new integration with Intune and covering

  • Windows Automation with Chocolatey
  • Maximizing your MEM Investment
  • Live Demo Before: Creating a Standard Intune Win32 App
  • Live Demo After: Quick & Easy Onboarding of Chocolatey Packages into Intune
  • Upcoming Features and Roadmap
  • Q & A Session
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Event Details

  • Title: Automate and 'Tune Up' Intune with Chocolatey
  • Date: Thursday, 6 May 2021
  • Time: 10 AM CDT / 8 AM PDT / 5 PM CET
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  • Duration: 1 hour


Join the team as they discuss real-world examples of how they have helped customers automate their Windows environments:

Adil Leghari
Adil Leghari

Senior Solutions Engineer at Chocolatey Software

Adil Leghari is a 15-year Sysadmin who is super-passionate about PowerShell and automation. He is a co-founder of the Pacific Northwest PowerShell User Group and a co-host of BridgeConf. When not working at Chocolatey, he enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and designing stickers.

Cory Knox
Cory Knox

Software Engineer Contractor at Chocolatey Software

Cory Knox is a PowerShell Automation specialist with 10 years of experience creating tools to automate and streamline processes. He is passionate about creating solutions to improve efficiency through code.

Mukesh Sharma
Mukesh Sharma

Co-Founder & COO of Chocolatey Software

Mukesh is passionate about helping our customers on the Windows Automation journey. He has spent 20+ years helping various organizations adopt new disruptive technologies rapidly and consistently; from virtualization, cloud, data analytics to DevOps/WinOps. He is always seeking out opportunities to offer the customer a better experience than they expect.