Killing Golden Images in Your Infrastructure Setups

"Setting up Windows development boxes has been a quite cumbersome task for way to long. Forget about rotting golden images, finally a sane package manager exists that can give you that Unix-like feeling you've always been missing on Windows."

This talk will be about common issues with 'drifting state' of development-box setups among larger teams and how Chocolatey can be used to solve those. A large software setup containing more than 50 different tools will be taken as example for how Chocolatey can speed up deployments and configuration (from days to hours). Jenkins CI can be used to improve the overall administrative experience by providing notifications when new Packages can be pulled from the Community repository as well as internalizing those and synchronizing among several decentralized servers. The talk includes core concepts on how to work with Chocolatey CLI from Powershell and a couple of 'everyday-useful' snippets.