Provision & Manage Servers w/Otter, DSC, Git, & Chocolatey

In this session, we will take a journey through the lifetime of a Chocolatey package across Windows servers in the enterprise. Some of the questions we will answer:

  • How can we publish a Chocolatey package and have it automatically deployed across different environments using Otter and PowerShell DSC?
  • How can we use Git to promote Chocolatey package configuration changes to different environments?
  • How can Otter detect Chocolatey package version drift and automatically remediate it?
  • How can we use Otter to take inventory of all installed Chocolatey packages?


Mark Johnson, Solutions Architect Mark Johnson is a Solutions Architect who implements end-to-end software solutions that include a diverse set of technologies and patterns. He believes that solid DevOps practices are a necessary part of every software development project. He has been leveraging Chocolatey in his DevOps solutions since the early days of Chocolatey and continues to use it to this day. He has been using PowerShell since its inception and uses it heavily for Windows and Linux automation. Within the last few years, he has embraced infrastructure as code tools such as Otter and PowerShell DSC, to orchestrate server configuration, resource configuration, and environment management. Mark currently uses Git as the primary mechanism to drive continuous delivery and continuous deployment.