Using Chocolatey & Puppet at Yelp

How we used Chocolatey to remove local admin at Yelp, reducing both IT support overhead and malware incidents. Using a combination of Chocolatey Self-Service and Puppet, users can install the software they need to be productive from a trusted source. Hear how Yelp found a balance between security and convenience and learn about the automation with AU and Jenkins that allows us to keep our internal software catalog up to date.


Mark Gewurz - IT Engineer, Yelp Mark Gewurz is a Client Platform Engineer at Yelp. He previously worked at North Texas University before joining Yelp in 2017. He is excited about CI and well documented APIs. He has yet to encounter one.

Peter Sisk - Client Platform Engineer, Yelp Peter Sisk is a Client Platform Engineer specializing in the Windows platform. Originally from Dublin, Ireland he began his IT career in Education and has been with Yelp for 4 years. His interests include Star Trek, Metal and Computing; ideally washed down with a Mezcal Negroni. Do not google the bands he used to be in.